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Gav's vtis deck

vti vroom

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She just pulled out on me stupid f@#ck 

Had 2 quotes 1500 / 1800 that's if I get some bits

Love my deck 

Bits she needs





Bumper support rail  

Front end panel   

Head lights x 2


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Are the chassis legs intact mate? Getting all the bits 2nd hand wouldn't cost that much I don't think. If the insurance coughs up some cash she should be repairable mate. Know what insurance is like though..... They'll just want to write it off 

Fight them bud.......and the silly uninsured cow! She deserves a slap!

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Thats the spirit! Be good if you can keep the insurance out of it mate, make her cough up. Stops them putting a cat tag on it. I take it the cops know? Hope she gets done big time!


Damage to hers looks bloody minimal too which sucks!

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6 minutes ago, JK1245 said:

Ahh f**king headache mate! Saw this just the other day and it looks stunning :( Looks like the side of Lidl that, had too many people look one way and edge out there 

Yes mate it was Lidl .

F@@kin gutted 

On the up side have been paid out by the driver . Need to think about this one ?



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