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Not updated this in a while. Life has been good with the little mb4. It's taken us round Ireland and down south twice in the past few months and never skipped a beat. The rear brakes started to play up so I fitted new calipers,discs and pads. Unfortunately last night my wife had a bump in the car. Country roads round our way are terrible and she lost control and ended up hitting posts and a fence. Managed to drive the car back (the little trooper it is) but the damage is too much to repair. Have no fear tho! I set out today to find a car, and managed to pick up a 1998 aerodeck es with full black leather interior for £150 :) it needs a mot but that'll be done tomorrow and then I need to strip the mb4. Il remove all the hubs,suspension, engine etc to keep and fit to the deck. I'd just finished painting up some banded steels I made for the mb4, but looks like they'll now go on the deck. Will probably make a replica of my old blue deck as I really liked that car. No pics of the deck yet but some will follow.









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Yeah she's fine. We've been down to one car for a while but iv been doing a lot of work to a ford ka we got for free. It's near completion now but I just want the deck for myself lol

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Oh and the deck passed its mot :) so that's £185 in total for a road going car, pretty chuffed with that. And the full leather interior makes for a nice drive.



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Advisory on the front drop links, a tyre and handbrake. The new calipers etc from the mb4 will be fitted to this. Also have s full front end polybush kit so il fit that to the mb4 arms and get them on the deck. Then iv got the 15x8.5 and 9 banded steels to fit once the konis and on :)

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