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Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)


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On 09/11/2017 at 8:23 PM, Dave said:

Wow, that looks stunning mate! Sitting nice and love the old school style wheels. What's the plans for the interior?


Right now I've been busy with interior lighting, I suck with electrical stuff, so I figured this is how I'd start to teach myself :) I did some preparation for under the dash lighting, and I've ordered new blue bulbs for my gauges. Also spotted some nice sport seats that I'll be picking up next month :)

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Hey guys, it's been a while! been very busy working on the car, fixing tiny and bigger problems. 


1.exhaust got stuck when taking a bump that was too high. now I know what my lowered car can take. lesson learned, also, new exhaust fitted

2. new interior lights! dash, trunk and dome light have been replaced with blue-ish LED's

3. fitted a new gear knob that has been painted in the same color as my dashboard trim.

4. installed those sporty seats I told you guys about.

5. installed a new airfilter.

6. got her on steelies with winter tires now, not very fashionable, but they do their job.

7. I ordered a roofrack, but unfortunately it just wasn't the right size by a wee bit. so I had to send that one back. ordering a new one in the right size soon

8. ordered a new rubber front lip (I keep breaking them off on bumps, sorry for being a newb)

9. ordered a boss kit, steering wheel and quick release. hope to install those around the end of Januari if all my parts are here on time.









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another quick little update, the car has failed to pass its M.O.T. because of its lowered springs sadly, some I'm gonna have to install the stock springs again soon :( 

but luckily, I can still keep it lowered for the Automaxx event in Zandvoort tomorrow. here's how she looks now ;) 










What's new?


-added canards




-interior completed

-exterior trims silicon sprayed and other details been worked on

-sporty antenna


also ordered a roofrack, but sadly it wasn't the right size, so that's on hold now.

other coming up mods are 

-LED headlights

-actual with actual subgood looking trunk speakerbox, thinking of fitting my current desktop speakers to something that flows with the interior more.

-better front speakers


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