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Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)


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more updates, agressive-ish splitter, still needs some work though but it looks really cool. found a midwing! still looking for a rear lip to complete the aero. hopefully a rear brake swap coming soon, as well as a Mini-me. it's so cool how much this car has changed in the past years, looking back on my first post here. it's almost getting me sentimental ;) have a good day ya'll.




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Another quick update, finally found a rear lip! Also removed my rear seats. About halfway through a rear discbrake conversion. Waiting for parts :)


I'm so close to being done with this project and it's crazy to see the progress I've made. I learned so much and it makes me want to buy another car and do it all again. 


things that are still on my list:


mini-me conversion (I have all the parts, nust not the knowledge to do it by myself.)

a respray or wrap?

Different seats?

Harness bar and harnesses?

Spacers and camber arms?

New clutch and other maintenance related stuff

Wide fenders?


Also have to redo my audio in the back since the seats are removed, have to think of something first though. Maybe a sub in the rear cover panels? 


Hope the one that reads this is enjoying my build as much as I am. But it's not perfect, hope I can get her there.





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Been away for a long time again, a lot happened and more money has been spent on her than I'd be comfortable with, but noy oh boy does she look and drive the part again. New engine, new wheels, new clutch, removed some things, added some things. Too much to write down. Very happy with how she turned out. And dare I say it; she's almost finished. You ever hear that? A finished project car? What a journey it has been these past 3 years of owner ship. So grateful




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