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car headliner/door card upholstery


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Hi folks i have bought rover 400 door cards because mine are sagging and the back one is damaged, i like the rover ones better, because they have the trim all around the interior, and i like the look of it, just might wrap the trim but not sure in what color/effect would suit best on the long run.


Now i wanted opinions on what color/type of fabric will suit best for my door cards, later ill be doing the headliner too but for now its just the doors.pics would be awesome

Also opinion in which wrap should be used for the trim, if anybody has some custom interior i would love to see pictures. Mb6 has carbon inserts, anyone can show me how it is the look? i wonder if it will make the car fill too dark inside with the carbon...i got this new projects but i really need second opinions cause they will be somewhat permanent changes.


be safe, peace out

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Hey! I was in the same boat as you. Ended up wrapping the trim pieces Chameleon blue/purple, and painting the leather and plastic matte black (with BLACK graffiti paint). I used the wrong paint, so the plastic got sticky. Redid it with different paint (this time black gloss), and it' s great now. Still looking to do them over again with black matte.

I also recovered the headliner with some aliexpress foam-backed black cloth. 30 for the material, 80 in glue. Awful experience, but a great result if you take your time. I didn't, and accidentally soaked the foam in glue in some places, while leaving other pieces unglued accidentally.



I'll start posting more pictures when the car is further back together.


It's currently in a project-state.

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On 5/9/2020 at 5:52 PM, KiNK43 said:

Hard to see but fitted those door cards then carbon wrapped em back in 2010




hi kink, i tried to take the trims of the door card but the metal clips that hold them in place are very hard to take out (at least for me) i breaked one trying and though it may need a special tool or something i couldn't figure myself, if you have any advice on how to i appreciate it mate.


and sorry to revive this somewhat dead post hehe

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