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  1. It's this little doodad. Goes over the latch (Which I had on the wrong way, btw. The boot closes properly again now.) So far, my Jass crankshaft locker doesn't fit. My Jass engine damper melted from the heat from the turbo. And my Jass Radio Cage with holes for three gauges (as seen in previous pictures) does in fact not fit three gauges, because the holes are too close together. I eventually went with the IL Motorsport one, which needed only minor trimming of the gauge bezels. So far, my experience with IL Motorsport parts has been absolutely flawless. I have the cupholder center consol
  2. I've actually been able to do a couple of trips with the braces on, and you feel it so-ridiculously-much. The car used to flex like a mad man, but now It's so stiff that I almost tripod when I'm rolling off my driveway. I can recommend it to everyone with an MX-5. I still have to put the connecting piece for the Butterfly-Brace on, as I wasn't sure if that was supposed to stick out that much (spoiler alert, it does. Skidnation has it on the website with a bit of poke.). Hoping to get some more mods done this week, and I hope the rest of the parts come in soon. And now to keep mysel
  3. Pretty wicked. Loving this forum software.
  4. The images come from Google Photos indeed. I'm reuploading them now. In the meantime, I've discovered that my oil leak is probably a PCV system failure. So I'm reworking that in a hope to remedy it. Missing parts in the brake caliper package made it that I only just now have everything to do the job. Luckily the weather is improving, so working in the garage isn't as frigid anymore. Lots of oil on the Crankcase Ventilation. I'll have to do the Fuel Pressure Regulator soon too, as it seems that whole system is weeping fuel fumes. No Bueno. Waiting for some hoses and parts fo
  5. The turbo has been an absolute blast! I'm currently in the process of adding to the fuel system with an FPR (and redoing some of the venting bits that make the cabin smell like fuel), adding Frame Rails, adding Frog arms and remapping the ECU. I got in my new brake caliper today, so that's going in this weekend. After that, I'll start rebuilding the front end. I also trimmed and re-mounted the plastic shroud in the bumper. Happy days! Before that, I was zooming at 1.1bar / 16psi. She's a beaut, and if I'm to believe the Virtual Dyno, I should be hitting just under 200whp. Keep in mind,
  6. Big Correction, by the way. Turns out my Torsen Diff is a 4.1 final ratio.
  7. About the air-jack. Be careful, they are structurally weaker than the hydraulic and might jiggle away from under the car if not used carefully. In general, please make sure to NEVER WORK ON A CAR ONLY SUPPORTED BY A JACK. Always have jack stands under either the jacking point, frame rails or the suspension arms. Jacks wíll fail, and they wíll crush your arm/leg. You won't be able to pull away in time. You won't be careful enough about keeping your legs/arms from under the car. You won't be keeping that arm/leg if 1,5 tons of civic dumps on top of it. €30 / 25 pound cheap jack stands a
  8. This is my project car. My weekend car. My money pit and my track weapon. And it's awful, and beautiful, and I love it. Current mods: Suspension: Driftworks HSD Coilovers OZ F1 wheels 7J Nankang NS-2R 205/50/r15 EBC slotted brake discs (255/251) EBC Greenstuff Pads Chassis and Seat experience TR Lane Rollbar Takata 3" 4-point Harnasses with buckle LTEC FIA bucket seats (Cobra Monaco rebranded) Trunk popper wire Momo corse secondhand steering wheel Aliexpress Short Shifter NRG Short hub NRG Quick release Delrin Door bushings IL Motorsp
  9. Gamrin

    Cup Holders

    I'll see if I can remember to measure the PVC piping I used. I think it's a real nice compromise-size, although it just barely doesn't fit a 1,5L coke bottle. Since I have some more door-panels lying about, I might do a few more to get a nicer finish. It's kind of globby right now, as I wanted to make sure I had enough structural integrity. Might use a different glue next time, or just less. Not shown on the pictures but kind of important, I used the cut-out flap of plastic to make a bottom to the cup holder. I cut the two verticals with a figure saw, then scored the plastic across with
  10. Gamrin

    Cup Holders

    So, I got myself a nice deck with some Rover interior parts. But I'm not so hot on the Wood trim and gray. So I went and stripped the doors, and painted them. And I wrapped the trim. Add a dash of cheap spraypaint I then discovered, there are no real options for cup holders in the MB civic. The ones in the center console are kinda s**t. So I made my own. Put it all together Fit it to the door, and do a testfit Et voila. Cup holder. Just the other side to go. (Still wai
  11. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MsutwcJSXL3uitoUA Here's a video of the headliner lights in action.
  12. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MsutwcJSXL3uitoUA Here's a video of the headliner in action.
  13. Currently working on this. Got the roof in but haven't taken pictures of the result yet. It's worth it. This is a 430 strand kit (I broke about 10). This is with just the sun backlighting it. About the glue. GET SPRAY GLUE.The 3M automotive headliner stuff works great in my opinion. I tried contact glue before that, but that would just gum up on the surface and saturate the fabric.
  14. Hey! I was in the same boat as you. Ended up wrapping the trim pieces Chameleon blue/purple, and painting the leather and plastic matte black (with BLACK graffiti paint). I used the wrong paint, so the plastic got sticky. Redid it with different paint (this time black gloss), and it' s great now. Still looking to do them over again with black matte. I also recovered the headliner with some aliexpress foam-backed black cloth. 30 for the material, 80 in glue. Awful experience, but a great result if you take your time. I didn't, and accidentally soaked the foam in glue in some places, while le
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