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  1. Gamrin

    Dawns Civic Aerodeck Updated 28/5/13

    About the air-jack. Be careful, they are structurally weaker than the hydraulic and might jiggle away from under the car if not used carefully. In general, please make sure to NEVER WORK ON A CAR ONLY SUPPORTED BY A JACK. Always have jack stands under either the jacking point, frame rails or the suspension arms. Jacks wíll fail, and they wíll crush your arm/leg. You won't be able to pull away in time. You won't be careful enough about keeping your legs/arms from under the car. You won't be keeping that arm/leg if 1,5 tons of civic dumps on top of it. €30 / 25 pound cheap jack stands are worth it if you wrench often. I have 6 for 2 cars. Preferably lockable ones. If you can't get those, use a (spare) wheel under the car to break the fall. Don't use a tyre unless it's a 305 or more.. If you can get Ramps, those are generally more stable than jacks and jack stands. Less useful for wheel work, but great for exhaust/engine work.
  2. This is my project car. My weekend car. My money pit and my track weapon. And it's awful, and beautiful, and I love it. Current mods: Suspension: Driftworks HSD Coilovers OZ F1 wheels 7J Nankang NS-2R 205/50/r15 EBC slotted brake discs (255/251) EBC Greenstuff Pads Chassis and Seat experience TR Lane Rollbar Takata 3" 4-point Harnasses with buckle LTEC FIA bucket seats (Cobra Monaco rebranded) Trunk popper wire Momo corse secondhand steering wheel Aliexpress Short Shifter NRG Short hub NRG Quick release Delrin Door bushings IL Motorsport Cupholder Center Console Driveline 1.8 Torsen diff 3.9 Engine Japspeed Alu Rad Skidnation Coolant reroute Suzuki Cappuccino bottle Silicone Hoses Ebay Turbo Kraken Manifold and Downpipe Stainless hoses for turbo cooling and oil feeds Epman Freddy BOV Ebay Intercooler Ebay Intercooler piping NGK BKR7E plugs Electronics Flip-up android radio Pioneer Speakers Pioneer underseat sub (behind seat) Innovate MTX-L Plus Wideband Innovate MTX-D Water Temp Gauge Innovate MTX-D Boost Gauge Central locking with remote MX5-tech Headlight controller LED Headlights ExtraEFI MS2 standalone ECU no-name serial port hub to USB Mods lined up for installation (Need Time and motivation): Skidnation Chassis Rails Ultra Racing Frog arms MAC Electronic boost control EPMAN FPR Oil Catch Can(s) IL Motorsport Sport Engine Mounts Toyota COPs Photo history (summarized) It all started as a stock MX-5 in a new and mostly empty garage. First mod, Coils. Quite a drop. Polished the car proper. Next up, wheels. Got these cheap cause they were bent (apperently). Got them straightened out recently, but got some different ones in the meantime. Those are migrating to a civic. Love this Rollbar time? Rollbar time! Makes it practical AF. That's a Server Rack. Add Seats, add bracing (rarely have this on, as I'm working on it too much). Also, those fresh new wheels I told you about. Happy LED Lights! Fixed the seat mounts. Highly recommend it. Skidnation mounts dó have slots, all the others don't. As you can see, it's 2mm off center. Sticker mods. Dropped and swapped the diff for a discounted Fuji unit. Big mistake. Get the torsen. Save up for it. 100% recommend this subwoofer placement. Depending on your passengers, get a second one. The rumblies are amazing. And invisible. Car broke down. Hat to take the valve cover off. Painted it. NOW WE'RE TALKING And then it was like this for a while. Most of 2019 really.When doing a turbo, order éverything before you break up the car. Do a mockup outside the car. PLEASE. I had to wait for fittings 2 weeks every time I discovered missing one. Ordered éverything double, so the next turbo build in the club would be way more managable. And it was. Kinda like this Making boost These are too big. They don't fit. I had to trim the rings so they could slot into each other. Feelsbadman. But then it all comes together. With a coolant reroute added in for good measure. Oh f**k yes. Oh f**k no. Coolant hose popped. Learned a LOT about stainless fittings. Towing your MX-5 Project with your Prelude Daily. This happened more than I'd like to admit. Love that Honda's butt tho. Fixed it. Boosted and zoomed at 0,5 bar for a while. Little bro's 1998 in the background. s**t. The fuji turned to crisps. Torsen Time! Bought one with a broken holder. Swapped my fuji out of mine, and this one in. Oh, so the brakes áren't supposed to make that kind of a racket all of the time? New calipers all around, new (cheap) pads in the rear. Are we leaking oil yet? We're leaking oil. (Current problem, hope it's not the pump/pan. Did the front main, but not the cam seals.) Wheels are straight now, with fresh rubber And welcome to today. Sneak peek of the daily deck.
  3. Gamrin

    Cup Holders

    I'll see if I can remember to measure the PVC piping I used. I think it's a real nice compromise-size, although it just barely doesn't fit a 1,5L coke bottle. Since I have some more door-panels lying about, I might do a few more to get a nicer finish. It's kind of globby right now, as I wanted to make sure I had enough structural integrity. Might use a different glue next time, or just less. Not shown on the pictures but kind of important, I used the cut-out flap of plastic to make a bottom to the cup holder. I cut the two verticals with a figure saw, then scored the plastic across with a knife 3/4 times, and bent the plastic. Then scored the other side and it came off with a few wiggles. I used a marker to draw the half-round shape with the pipe as a guide, angle grindered the plastic, filed it smooth(er). Test-fit, drew a line where the door comes in, cut that side flat, file smooth. then glued it on the bottom unceremoniously.
  4. Gamrin

    Cup Holders

    So, I got myself a nice deck with some Rover interior parts. But I'm not so hot on the Wood trim and gray. So I went and stripped the doors, and painted them. And I wrapped the trim. Add a dash of cheap spraypaint I then discovered, there are no real options for cup holders in the MB civic. The ones in the center console are kinda s**t. So I made my own. Put it all together Fit it to the door, and do a testfit Et voila. Cup holder. Just the other side to go. (Still waiting for parts before I close up that door.)
  5. Gamrin

    Headliner Issues,Starting to come down like a tent

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/MsutwcJSXL3uitoUA Here's a video of the headliner lights in action.
  6. Gamrin

    car headliner/door card upholstery

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/MsutwcJSXL3uitoUA Here's a video of the headliner in action.
  7. Gamrin

    Headliner Issues,Starting to come down like a tent

    Currently working on this. Got the roof in but haven't taken pictures of the result yet. It's worth it. This is a 430 strand kit (I broke about 10). This is with just the sun backlighting it. About the glue. GET SPRAY GLUE.The 3M automotive headliner stuff works great in my opinion. I tried contact glue before that, but that would just gum up on the surface and saturate the fabric.
  8. Gamrin

    car headliner/door card upholstery

    Hey! I was in the same boat as you. Ended up wrapping the trim pieces Chameleon blue/purple, and painting the leather and plastic matte black (with BLACK graffiti paint). I used the wrong paint, so the plastic got sticky. Redid it with different paint (this time black gloss), and it' s great now. Still looking to do them over again with black matte. I also recovered the headliner with some aliexpress foam-backed black cloth. 30 for the material, 80 in glue. Awful experience, but a great result if you take your time. I didn't, and accidentally soaked the foam in glue in some places, while leaving other pieces unglued accidentally. I'll start posting more pictures when the car is further back together. It's currently in a project-state.