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  1. I think its allways good to check for Passenger footwell and remove the sill to check if its wet on the underside of the carpet, cause as some of us know the heater Core in this cars tend to fail and if the puncture is small you only notice if the carpet is lifted and see if it looks wet. I find out i had litres of radiador fluid on the foam the carpet has on the back Hope this helps
  2. Thanks a bunch dr broon for taking some time on making this photos...stellar ! On a side note, what shift knob is that mate? And your Trim looks like stealth... Is it water Paint transfer graphics?
  3. thank god nothing happened to you, that is awfull, you can't have a break pff cheers pal
  4. hi, i tried but seems its going to break before it pops, i tried to lift from the front of the boot shift trim, is this how it is done right? thanks
  5. wow that was a eye opener... for sure. Are the tyres that much expensive from the 175x65r14? I dint know if our cars can have 205 but i read somewhere that from stock the vti had max. 195, height wise 55 probably will rub when i turn is that it? found also this ones from a mini clubman half the price of the rover ones, they look ok, tell me what you think works best visually if you might, and if this ones will fit asswell. i will be painting them chamaleon i have here some copper gold look spray cans, will see... thanks
  6. hi dave, im looking for ones from a rover mg zr the ones on the photo not sure if they will look nice on the car but i am trying to find cheap and nice at the same time is not easy lol the specs for this are 6,5j x 16 ch , et 45.0 c sfi as shown in picture the tyres installed on the wheels are 205/55 i suppose i had to change them in order to make them legal, right? thanks
  7. also some time ago i have changed the abs module myself cause it had a 52 error code and abs light on. I have never touched cars before my honda and i can say it was easy enough to do and i have done it all by my one, no helper, thats how i like if i can manage lol, i was proud of muself when it was over :) i might say I gotta say my car has learned me a lot since i bought it, i just love it...
  8. hi i have a rear arb from an mb near me, is it worth installing? does it improve the safety and handeling of the car that much? thanks
  9. hi good fellas, to remove the shifter boot i do need to remove the center console? i tried to search if someone talked abut it but couldn t find for our cars, i do found in youtube lots for other similar cars i believe ek, us civic's and the center console is different. thanks in advance
  10. Craigh your car is looking sick, original and sexy... Love it. Keep up the good work mate
  11. Hi Dave the 50 profile looks just perfect i dont want to lower the suspensivo cause its top expensive and i would be scraping all the time so now that i have seen how it looks with the 16 inch and the 50 profile i know what i have to look for, thanks Dave. I read on the post about interchangable parts that the ET can be up to 45, the ET os the with of the mounting where the rim meets the hub, right? If its for instance 40 works the same as a 45 bit the wheel protude more from the body of the car? Thanks and be safe
  12. Hi Dave so i want a 16" wheel what "j" and "et" range shuld be used, and what you think fits best without having to use spacers and nothing like that. Alsp the tyres are normally what size with 16" wheels height wise, are 195/45 to wide? is the height of 45 good to keep speedometer etc in good balance? thanks and srry to jump in others post
  13. Another thing i tried to see if it deserve to be water painted carbon, for now wraped it in 5d carbon. Aldo forgot i fitted Rover Woody door cards and removed the fabric i like this look better cause the padron was not great and was sagging. Maybe sono they Will Also be water painted carbon.
  14. Hi fellas i want to present my Honda Civic. Things i have done to it: Changed gear oil, gasoline filter and other consumers lol. Had fitted a Vti front spoiler, painted the side skirts colour coded, painted the índice of the headlights black, the grill black and the symbol is wraped in carbon fiber, and i have some more projects in the making. cheers
  15. hi there nice seats, i also have that metal door sills i found incredibly lucky in Portugal, although the driver side one was a bit busted but all inall are acceptable and man they look nice. Good ingenuity adapting the armrest, that is a proper armrest not just a storage space like the oem one, neat. is this from any accord of wich years? cheers
  16. hi Gamrid , glued like in permanently or some type of double tape? i wanted to be able to take em out later if i need to.
  17. hi kink, i tried to take the trims of the door card but the metal clips that hold them in place are very hard to take out (at least for me) i breaked one trying and though it may need a special tool or something i couldn't figure myself, if you have any advice on how to i appreciate it mate. and sorry to revive this somewhat dead post hehe
  18. hi do you have the part number for the heater matrix mate? thanks
  19. Hi, so the ones i posted the link for will fit? By any chance is there a way to know which years of the rover work on our Honda´s? this is what says in the description of compatibility: Model: Rover 45 // MG ZS Year: 2001 - 2006
  20. Damn i knew there was somthing it just makes perfect Sensei, my shade is a little lighter any chance of leading me the right place to buy it online?? I ordered from motip and is a bit darker só maybe you know wich brand has the lighter shade. Thanks mate.
  21. Hi, thanks for the reply,but i cant understand if there are various models of these MG ZS side skirts or not, i have seen others with some curve on ebay saying MG ZS, will this fit too? i believe the ones you posted are almost just like oem civic ones colour coded. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rover-45-MG-ZS-Pair-of-Side-Skirts-LQW-Anthracite-Grey/332519122361?hash=item4d6baf25b9:g:qmAAAOSw5eFZb4xW
  22. I can also buy VTI-S side skirts as i like the look too!
  23. Hi there i am looking for some side skirts for my Honda civic MB3, preferebly the MG Zs ones. Also looking for the rear bumper lip if anyone has one. All parts have to be shipped to Portugal, i would love to find this parts cause in Portugal the MG zs model is extremely rare looks like! Thanks
  24. hi there, do you still have this lip for sale?
  25. Hi Ace can you tell me whats the color code of your car please? i bought some B77P orleans blue pearl but i think is a bit darker then my car, i wonder if your code is the same. thanks
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