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The cam cover in DD is gone. It was a spare one I bought that was already painted that colour when it arrived mate. Tbh, the paint job on it wasn't the best, but it was only ever going to be a temp one while I got her own one done.

Once I finished her own one and fitted it, she now looks like this!






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Hope you're all doing alright, 2 Months go pretty damn quickly these days!

I did end up buying some degreaser but still havnt got round to doing anything yet..


Some progress elsewhere though - got the rear strut bar fitted and cut the carpet so it fits back in. Pretty pleased with how its turned out, also got some pipe lagging so I can put a bike in the car without scratching it up!20210424_115819.jpg.13ebc0c529c26a03f50e282c617d4fd1.jpg



Now, I was looking through the last MOT and noticed the rear trailing arms bushing were advisories and the rear drums are looking pretty crusty.. man maths suggests what else for it but do a rear disk conversion (obviously).


So after looking for absolutely ages and getting radio silence from loads of breakers, I got lucky and the postie delivers this little load of parts.. (The rear ARB I had before but finally got round to derusting and priming it).


MB6 master cylinder,

MB6 front calipers,

MC1 rear trailing arms,

MC1 lower control arms

MC1 rear calipers (260mm)


I also got some black front seatbelts so should I ever fit some bucket seats I won't have cream belts and black seats!




Still up to get is a non-ABS 40/40 brake prop valve. Looking at the parts fishe, my brake prop valve would work alright on a 260/260mm setup (an aerodeck uses this valve with this setup), but im not sure about how it would work with 280/260mm and dont fancy risking it! As my car didnt have ABS from the factory I cant use a MB6 valve unfortunately.


I still need to replace all the bushes / derust and paint everything before it goes on the car and that'll take some time.


Also in the works is a new 2" exhaust mid section with new centre box.

The exhaust is absolutely doing my head in and making me even more deaf! I'm hoping the smaller diameter pipe and a better box will quieten it abit.


Cheers, Dan

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Nice wee haul of parts mate! I'm wanting to get DD's lca bushes done so might buy some replacement arms and refurb them and fit new bushes to them.

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1 hour ago, Dave said:

Nice wee haul of parts mate! I'm wanting to get DD's lca bushes done so might buy some replacement arms and refurb them and fit new bushes to them.

Cheers Dave. Defo worth getting replacements - oem parts like that are only going to get harder to find (well that's my excuse when stockpiling, I mean buying parts.. :grin:

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Hi all,


Hope you're all doing alright!

Long time without an update, Life somewhat gets in the way sometimes haha.

In the meantime i've bought a house with a garage which has been ideal for this!




So finally got round to fitting the above, general parts list:


Disk Rear trailing arms

Rear Trailing arm poly bushings

Honda Civic MB6 brake master cylinder

Honda Civic MB6 brake servo

New 40/40 brake prop valve (46210-S5A-912)

Wezmoto Braided front and rear brake lines  

MG ZS 180 Front & Rear brake calipers

MG ZS 180 Front & Rear brake discs

Tegiwa brake stopper

15mm front wheel spacers (tyre kept rubbing the wheel arch on full lock, not good for the MOT man!!)


I was proper impressed with the Wezmoto braided lines from ebay, asked them for Fronts 70cm, Rears 56cm and they were pretty much bang on, even came with 2 brackets on each line!




Only issue i had was the welded nut for the bolt that goes between the RTA & LCA thread stripped, so i had to snap it off and am now using a nyloc in place.

Very happy with how it all is now, next up will be a short shifter and then get round to fitting the rear ARB.



Cheers, Dan


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9 hours ago, dr_broon said:

Good stuff! All those brake bits should make for nice stops 8-)

Cheers mate, yeah definitely improved however its been so wet recently ive not wanted to push it! Being the MB2 it hasnt got any abs so could be interesting :grin:

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