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Hi All,


Figured I should actually start a post after years of lurking on here - A big belated thanks to all the various threads I've read up on!

Think I did post up a 'Hello' thread years ago but it seems to have disappeared.


I've had the car for about 5 years now and its a proper joy to drive. Thought it was just because it was my first car and having nothing to compare it to, but after driving/having other cars these Hondas are fun!

Only recently started modifying it properly now the insurance isnt shafting me!


Mod list:

VTIS Front Lip & Skirts (Have the rear lip aswell but prefer it without)

Optional Extra OEM big fogs!

Leather Steering Wheel - think its the VTIS/Sport one?

Honda alloys off an EP (I think) with Toyo Proxies CF2's

Heko Wind Deflectors

2.25" Gravity Performance Spoon N1 rep stainless catback Exhaust (For an EJ/EM - just had to lengthen the backbox pipe) - with custom baffle as its too bloody noisy, should have gotten a smaller tubed exhaust!

MGZS shocks & springs all round


Future plans:

Double rear fogs - in the blank space on the tail lights.

Coilovers - The car is sitting high at the front with the MGZS setup, the D14 engine is too light for the springs really. When I swapped the suspension from the stock setup the rear dropped 25mm but the front remained the same, I even tried ZS120 springs but no difference. So it'll be nice to even it out and lows!

New LCAs & MGZS rear ARB - Ive had this for about 4 years now waiting to go on! The MB2's LCA's dont have the bolt hole needed for the ARB's drop links annoyingly. Need to pick up some EG LCAs but will sort the coilovers first so the shocks fit onto them.

Front Strut brace.

K&N panel filter (waiting to go on)

Rear wiper delete (waiting to go on)

Vinyl wrap the chrome trim.

Projector headlights (have a spare set of lights just need to get projectors etc)

Various maintenance (timing/clutch).




Engine swap



Cheers, Dan






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Cheers guys, I can only thank the previous owner for the fogs! When I bought the car it came with a spare bumper and these retro fitted in so im guessing he got them from a scrappy.

I've seen a pair on ebay though for £120!! Mental money.



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Slight update -

 Finally got round to removing the rear wiper and followed the guide from  here. If anyone else does this, removing bothside trims on the boot definitely helps and you cant get away with just removing one!

Managed to find a nice aluminium bung which uses O-rings as a seal.

Think it tidies up the rear nicely but highlights just how rubbish the paintwork is on the car!


Other than that I think future mods are going to have to wait - bloody Covid and all the uncertainty it's bringing. Cant really justify spending lots if things are going to get tough with work etc.


Cheers, Dan







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Thanks mate, might have already gone back on that though and ordered some coilovers haha.. things are looking better with work so it was a pre-christmas treat :-D Just waiting for things to arrive before fitting them.


In other updates..

- Fitted the K&N Panel Filter but no photos.

- Fitted some LED number plate lights for a Ford, got fed up with LED T10 bulbs blowing or flickering in the Honda bulb holders. Had to make a 10mm spacer and some wiring for it to all fit but working well! (bright!)

- Sprayed the front grille black & wrapped the boot trim black. Had planned to wrap it all but my wrapping skills arnt great..

- Also split the headlights and sprayed the surrounds black & tango'd the indicators even more. Gave the headlights a polish at the same time too.


I highly recommend the Montana White spray paints, came out looking really good even for me. They're supposed to give a gloss finish and it does with some practice, I just didnt give it a thick enough coat. Ive seen people spray entire cars with it on other forums with decent results.








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