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3 hours ago, dan1 said:

Hi guys, really need to get this thread updated - alot been going on in life and the car! Haha.

For now, heres a photo of how the civic sits - its still alive!

Hope youre all doing alright. 


(Sorry photo upside down  doesnt want to go right way round!!)


Cheers, Dan



Can't see the pic mate. 

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Whoops, hope these work haha.

Got round to fitting most the parts - also fitted a k-tuned rep short shifter with a stainless weighted knob which makes the car feel so nice to drive - will get a photo soon.

Me and my wife have also had a baby so time and money to work on the car are in short supply!!


Next steps are to get the interior sorted - really want to fix the headliner, and seeing Kaleverada's thread has me inspired for the pillars!

Also really want to strip out the back, tint the windows & fit bucket seats...




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On 4/28/2024 at 7:53 PM, dr_broon said:

Looking sweet, and congrats on the baby mate 😎

Thank you mate. So happy with how the car is, looking forward to some decent weather to enjoy it in!

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Man she is looking spot on mate! Sitting really nice on those wheels too. Stunning!:cool:

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