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Rover owners are savage. They don't realise none of the Rover cars built after the P5 were actually rovers at all. Most of them came from Hondas, and even the Rover 75, the car that saved the company, was just a BMW.

Yeah the engine died on the red one and the original build wasn't worth saving. Too much rust. I drive a Mk4 Golf GTI now, but wouldn't mind an Aerodeck with a ZS facelift front end :) Aerodecks aren't easy to come by these days though. Bottom picture is my ZS 180 infront of a stock Rover 45 (Same car)






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Golf GTi is a tidy car too mate, but have to say the MGZS 180 is an awesome looking car! That front end looks mean as hell, and coupled with the vented front wings and the big rear spoiler they are the sweetest looking MGZS model. An aerodeck with that front would be an amazing looking car that would deffo raise a few eyebrows! The bigger arches on them are part of the plastic bodykit aren't they? Wonder how the deck would look if fitting that front/kit to the aerodeck and aerodeck VTiS rear lip? Would look pretty trick I think?


On the 2nd project (the red one) the shell looked pretty mint rust wise, even as it was on the forklift about to meet its demise. Was a shame the engine let go on that one.

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