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Snakey’s 1 Series Coupé!


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Hi guys,


so I still have the deck but it’s sitting on the drive looking sorry for itself right now. I decided that I wanted something a bit more tame as the wife is pregnant with our second, and I do some food delivering for my friends take away on a Friday and Saturday evening so I wanted something better on fuel...


I ended up ignoring most of what I “needed” and bought myself a 1 Series Coupé rlol.gif1


it is a 118d though so it is a lot better on fuel I suppose, and tax was £30 for the year so that’s a win too.


Not sure how popular this forum is now but I’ll go ahead and post up my progress with is as it goes.


Ive started to find a few niggly problems with it the more I drive it and have it in my workshop but I suppose it is 12 years old lol.


It’s got problems on the rear wheels with cracks forming, I had one repaired but a few have developed on the other side so I’m not going to keep chucking money at repairing the cracks I’m going to buy new wheels.


I have managed to get round to smoking the rear lights already though, and put on blacked out side repeaters so they look pretty cool :-D8-)


Anyway here’s some photos and I’ll keep posting as and when I do stuff... will be more subtle than the Deck.








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Yeah really nice looking cars I think... and 400miles per £60 tank I can’t complain... compared to the 280 miles per £60 tank in the deck


It’s a 2.0 manual 141bhp, RWD obviously... it’s a 118d sport but I think it could do with looking a bit sportier lol!!

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I like! Always thought the 1 series was a cracking looking car from the start, and can look really sweet with a few tasteful mods. Bet the torque's nice!  The mpg itself will more than justify it as a daily mate. It's the one thing I miss about the MINI, it was absolutely amazing on fuel. Got about 360 to 370 from a full tank, but the tank was tiny. Think the most it ever took to fill it was £41 (and yes I moaned as it normally took an average £36 between fill ups with what was left in the tank lol applause.gif1) DD is same engine size, less power than the mini and loves a drink! Not sure what she does now to a full tank but yes around £60 to fill her and don't think she even breaks the 300 mile mark! Also with a kid on board, you're wise to go for something safer as a daily too. Although the decks were safe fot there era, compared to moderns now they feel lethal! The TypeS and TypeR I had had front/side /rear airbags, and were really safe in a smash, same with Carly Cooper. I kinda miss that safe feeling, deffo feel more vunerable driving the deck, and terrified driving the mx5. Know that if we have a smash in that, it aint going to be pretty. DD will be replaced as the daily again at some point, but probably a long way down the line from now.   Bet that Beemer is fun in the snow!! lol What's the plans for this one?

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Hello mate, the 1 series looks smart 8-)

The wheels that's on it look nice, but I bet some new ones will transform it - if it's RWD are the rears wider still? Are you planning on going for something different or more oem ones? 

So is the deck off the road at the minute? 


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Thanks guys, this is why I love this forum so much! I’ve posted on a couple 1 series forums recently but just get stupid responses or no responses... nothing helpful anyway!!! See with here, I’ve been away for some time, and I come back, not even with a Honda, and straight away I’m welcomed back in and I get proper conversation!! Love it!!!


Nice work, 370 miles from £40 is really good going mate. Definitely feel that it’s much safer for Dexter (the boy) in the back... with the deck I had to buy a make shift bracket that I bolted to the back of the rear seat to provide some anchor points for his car seat base!! That’s not the way to do it I know but didn’t have much choice at the time. Even not thinking about the extra air bags and safety features it just feels like a much sturdier car. I thought it would be more aggro getting him in and out of his car seat, being a 2 door... but to be fair it was harder with the deck. Because it’s quite a low car anyway, and the front seat doesn’t fold forward like in a 2 door... there was a lot less space to manoeuvre him into his seat than what I’ve got now once I’ve flipped the seat forward! 


Yes Broon it is, I’m not sure what plans for the deck are yet... I’m thinking about breaking it and possibly racing it as a non contact production at my local track... if I sell it to some one I’ll only get peanuts for it and they’ll only break it then scrap it anyway haha!! I’ve had it for too long to just hand it to someone els to finish her life off!!! 



The wheels do look nice and it was a main selling point for me... I was going to go for more OEM brand new wheels but I was looking at £1300 before even putting shoes on them!! So I’ve decided to get some aftermarket wheels that look the similar to the BMW 359 Y spokes. I’m going for some Bola B17’s in gun metal grey, they should look tidy!


Plans for the BMW... I’m not going crazy I want it to look as original as possible but with a few different touches... I’m getting the wheels obviously, I’ll be putting a screen/Nav upgrade into the dash (OEM looking one), angel eyes headlights to replace halogen units, tint rear 3 windows and I need to respray the rear bumper at some point... someone has swapped out the original and put a bumper with parking sensors on, which is a nice plus, but they didn’t get the same colour as the car... it’s very slightly off, but I notice it so badly!!! cry.gif1


Might need a clutch at some point too as once the car has warmed up, at low speed manoeuvring, like doing a U turn from being parked, I get a lot of judder! 


Apart from that just general maintenance really guys! :-D8-)

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Nice one 8-)


Are these the wheels you're looking at? 


They should look pretty mean :twisted:


I know what you mean about getting the child seat into the back of the deck.. It's a bit of a manoeuvre isn't it!


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Yes mate those are the ones... having to finance though, no chance I can afford those up front haha!!

The best price I found on them, with tyres was from rimstyle.com... what other places would be good for alloys? 

i done a little photoshop, I don’t think it does the wheels justice but it’s sort of what they’ll look like ha!  Before and possible after...





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