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  1. snakey135

    Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    This photo.... Get a bit of tyre shine going on too... will really perfect the shots!
  2. snakey135

    Snakey's VTI Deck! --NOT DEAD - ON HOLD!!--

    Done some research into the reflectors... found out that the reflective bowl that is fitted within the projector lamps themselves is all it needs... so good bye chrome shrouds!! Started the de chromeing process today!!
  3. snakey135

    Vtis project

    Great work @KiNK43 ! Do we get a sneak peak vid of her running??
  4. snakey135

    Snakey's VTI Deck! --NOT DEAD - ON HOLD!!--

    Cheers @dr_broon they haven’t come up too bad... but as boss man @Dave stated... a lot more going on here... I have one lamp apart and reflector cut to size to fit the projector in... just to work out how fix it in place, and then to work out the electrics of them. photos to come... on @EmZvr‘s how too he mentions the importance of keeping the reflective shroud pristine... but I powered the projector unit up on its own in front of our beam setter at work, and pattern and intensity seemed perfect... to I actually HAVE to keep the reflective housing chromed up or could I get away with blacking it out??
  5. snakey135

    my daily

    Yeah bodywork looks decent mate... need photos of your other mods!!!
  6. snakey135

    Talk to me about power gains

    Thanks for all the info guys... some in depth stuf for me to get thinking about, for the price difference am thinking maybe blox components may suite my needs better, as if they’re not too far off the skunk stuff I’m not to fussed about that and will be quite a saving in comparison. thanks for the link @Gel have messaged the seller ah gearbox’s that’s another story completely haha!!! So the S4c box is basically a S80 box that’s been adjusted for better ratios? That’s what I gather from your post @dogg1210 ?? How exactly with the S4c box change my gear change lengths... so at the moment on the motorway I’m cruising at 70mph and engine is revving it’s nuts off!! Does it give me a longer 5th??
  7. snakey135

    Mk4 golf engine swap question if I may??

    Little update, this didn’t happen, and the golf got scrapped!
  8. snakey135

    Talk to me about power gains

    That sounds exactly the way I want to go, like you already explained, I just wanted to put it out there for a bit of additional info... for example what the differences are between the different grades of Skunk2 intake mani that fit the b18c4? As there are a few to choose from... obviously more expensive I assume better performance increase but that’s not always the case with some things. but for manifolds it’s obvious that the better air flow provided is where the improvement is, but I lose IABS??? with skunk2 cams what exactly is different to them from stock cams that provides the gain? And why the need to upgrade valve springs? exhaust I already have a decent power flow system from manifold back but I am after an appropriate exhaust manifold to upgrade to, any ideas?? i got a bit of ecu info from Matt at h-tune a couple days ago so I think I’m ok with understanding that aspect... i just like to know exactly why I’m upgrading certain parts... as opposed to when I’m asked, why have you put that on, saying, “I don’t know, that’s what the guys on the forum told me to do” haha!!
  9. snakey135

    Talk to me about power gains

    Yeah from what I’ve researched it stands out that if you want big power then boost is the only way.... but I’m not after mega power, in all honesty I’m just looking for things to tinker with, and if I can scrape a few hp at the same time then I may as well. I desperately don’t want to run the risk of killing the engine so although boost is so damn tempting, I would rather stay n/a.
  10. snakey135

    The story of my MA8!

    Mega job going on here, the alcantara looks really fresh, great idea!
  11. snakey135

    My Civic MA9 Project

    Can’t remember how much I got mine to drop but this is how it sits
  12. snakey135

    Vtis project

  13. snakey135

    My Civic MA9 Project

    Also regards to lowering... I found MG ZS units with a slight fork modification can give you a nice little drop, and comfort will be exactly as the manufacturer intended! Running this on my deck with ZERO problems so far after about a years driving that route is only if you want a cheap uncompromised option... if you got the pennies then a set of meisters if the way forward
  14. snakey135

    Dc2 rack

    Topic revival!! Did I read that a mgzs rack goes straight on... can anyone confirm this??? And are ratios the same??