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  1. Hey guys, very long time since I’ve been on here but you’re not forgotten by a long shot!! still got the civic on the drive but I’m after assistance for a mates golf if possible (if there’s a better section for this please advise me) mk4 golf, 1.4, 16v.... wanting to put a new engine in, like for like... does anyone know if it will be just a straight swap, drop in and go... or will there be imobilizer issues or other programming issues to deal with? any help appreciated, thanks guys!
  2. snakey135

    New to the old Aerodeck

    Welcome to the forum bud, good things to get done early on, and looks like your progressing pretty fast with it all so good work! i can vouch for the MGZS suspension... adds a bit of low (can modify them for a bit more if wanted, it’s all on the forum somewhere) and is probably the best balance between value and performance... obviously the miester R’s are the ultimate option but are mega bucks lol... good of luck moving forward mate, keep us posted
  3. snakey135

    Mae's diamond *mb1*

    Congrats on the award Maë... well deserved, it sure is one super clean sparkling civic!!
  4. snakey135

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Ah right, to be fair you have to think how the suspension will react when the cars weight isn’t on them... I.e over bumps or slights crests in the road... if all of a sudden your springs become unseated at 50 odd mph probs not going to end well lol... however there are options with the stock springs n shocks though to lower it to a degree... should be stuff located in how to section bud
  5. snakey135

    Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    The fan blades look wicked! They staying original colour??
  6. snakey135

    Aerodeck vti breaking

    How much for the headlights posted? See if it’s worth me travelling to the scrappy or not..
  7. snakey135

    Snakey's VTI Deck! --NOT DEAD - ON HOLD!!--

    I got a complete central heating system being installed soon, as currently no gas in the property, so when that all gets under way I might see if they can put me an outside tap in then!
  8. I got the email @Dave on Sunday, just been through them to check
  9. snakey135

    Snakey's VTI Deck! --NOT DEAD - ON HOLD!!--

    Haha!!! Yeah it is well overdue a good clean... too much faffing doing it at home with no outside tap though so once it’s on the road I’ll give I a good spruce up at work!!
  10. snakey135

    Website warning??

    Has anyone had a website warning when coming in today?? Something about an expired certificate, and an impersonator May be trying to steal my details??? Lol @Dave
  11. snakey135

    Snakey's VTI Deck! --NOT DEAD - ON HOLD!!--

    ITS ALIIIIIIIVE!!! brake discs and pads all done now... Mtec black edition discs with mintex pads!
  12. snakey135

    Mae's diamond *mb1*

    Will look sweet freshly painted! is that just a body shop you took them too or have you got use of a friends spray booth??