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Feels like it is going to be itr cam time soon, and thinking about gaskets. 

I think I know the answer to this, but worth asking the question.... Stick with oem honda gaskets, or are after market ones any good? 


Honda head gasket kit from tegiwa is £215 



Full rebuild kit from Japserviceparts is £108, but not honda parts. 




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Personally I'd stick to OEM. 

Reasoning behind that is when I baught my car, yes engine had failed. But the aftermarket headgasket I found had almost burnt. The coating flaking off and definitely would not be sealing right how it was.

And after my rebuild I used OEM seals on the entire engine except the cam seals behind the timing gears...

And, much to my dismay they leaked immediately. Burning oil smell all the time dripping out from under the crank pulley. 

So that was that had to strio it all back down and fit new oem seals. Problem solved.

Tbh there the only seals you will need to swap cams. Head gasket can stay put. Unless you wanna change springs aswell of course. 

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Cool, that's what I worried about - honda ones have done fine for 200k or so, and it's a hassle to have to go stripping things down again to swap them. 

Yeah, got the type r inlet springs, so will be getting some jiggery pokery with them. Not sure if my stem seals are a bit past it as well - get a wee bit of smoke when it's a cold start. 

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Soz, only just noticed this post mate! I would deffo go with the OEM Honda ones every time. Yes, any part with Honda on it costs a lot more, but the stuff is genuinely much better quality than aftermarket parts. Do it right (use oem) do it once. Do it with aftermarket parts, start flipping that coin! lol

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