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Hi guys and gals


I'm Joe and I am the proud owner of a 1995 Civic Ma8.


I have been on the forum a few times looking for guidance to keep my old girl going well so thought I should get involved and introduce myself.  


I got my Civic from my friends Grandfather, who had kept the miles down low and the maintenance upto date.  I've owned her for 3 years now, and she's my daily so her mileage is now sitting at a eye watering height of 66k lol.


I really enjoy owning her but I do struggle to find the right parts when trying to source replacement bits!!! 


Online auto-factors "reg checks" are bloody useless, and the fleshy things behind the counters are not much better!! Although I'm convinced they made the early MA'S out of the 'left over parts' shelves in the Honda factories!!!  I never know if I should be looking at bits listed for MB's or EJ's 


Anyhow I hope to learn more soon.


Look forward to sharing more in the future. :

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@JoeD Lovely looking Civic mate. The early pre facelift Civic M's like yours are getting really rare now so nice to see one with low miles that's been well kept. I had this very model as my first Civic M (mine was an auto though) and loved it. Got a build thread in the forum although some photos missing due to them being on photobucket so will need to update it. Look for "Blue Betty".


You'll find some parts are also shared with the 1995 to 1997 Rover 400. Keep us updated bud and any help you need just give us a shout.

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Thanks for all your welcomes.  




I'll be doing a fair bit of work on the old girl this year as I'm determined to get her back to her showroom best. I figured everyone else is modding their civics so I'm gonna go the opposite way and try and keep mine as standard as possible. I've promised my lad the car on his 18th birthday so I've got 4 years to get her finished lol.




Anyhow so the 1st job of the year is ........ 








Wish me luck!!


Joe ✌️


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Haha, one of the most common jobs on these Civics lol Glad to see you've got it done. Makes such a difference having all the fan speeds and not just one or two of them.


Nice to see your restoring her, I've kind of went full circle with my Aerodeck in that she was modded then turned into a show car (as respect to my late wife who's car it was) but have slowly returned her back to standard-ish spec. Gone is the lowered suspension etc, so she now rides a lot better and is more useable. Really needing to get stuck into her underside and get that all cleaned up and re-undersealed. It's a never ending job with these lol

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