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Civic Replacement :(


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So life after civic..

Ive got myself a Toyota Crown Athlete V.

Ive fancied one for a long time now. 

General consensus from my friends and family is that its an ugly barge, however i absolutely love it.

Each to there own i guess.

It pretty tidy for 22. Under 40k miles on the clock.

It has a 1jz gte turbo lump which pushes it along really nicely tbh with plenty of room for more power later if wanted. Came on stock wheels which really made it look old. So first things first. Some work sporbo wheels on there looking nice lowered on BC coilovers.  

Few small maintenance items ordered. And some little cosmetic bits from a breaker too.







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Looks good mate - sits really nice. 


Interior looks pretty cool as well - Honda and Toyota definitely used to have the same design approach for the interior ey. Looks like a nice easy double din option though compared to what Mr Honda normally serves up. 


Also, are they patterned floor mats? Never seen that before. 

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Ahh mate! The mats are lovely. 

Like arctic camo OEM s**gpiles! Very random.

Yes can do double din where the cd player and cassette lives under the big flap at the bottom.

Of course cam get large android screens like i have in the alphard too. When money allows ill look into something for it. Until then its got 3 prodigy albums in it.

Took a few snaps tonight.










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Looks mint. Proper sleeper! 


Was reading about the engine yesterday - sounds like a clever bit of kit and a bit of a beast.  Bet you can surprise a few folk with that :grin:


Interior looks cool.. Is it just me or does the wheel look like the mb one. 


I hadn't spotted that the top part of the radio was climate control - thought that whole unit would be able to swap out.  It's always a good opportunity to have some old tunes on though - one reason I keep my minidisc 8-)


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So just been trying to fix any niggles i can.

Dent mans been round it done best he can. 

Not entirely happy, might get another guy round see if hes any better.

Poly bushed the caster arms as had a little wobble when braking hard.

Probably need new discs now tho.

Stripped cleaned and painted calipers.

Jacked up the ride height 15mm.

And fitted Michelin pilot sport 4s with a bigger profile. 

To me makes look bit more purposeful.






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Yeah, does sit better now mate. 


See it looks quite well sealed up on the pics, is it like that all underneath? 

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13 minutes ago, dr_broon said:

Yeah, does sit better now mate. 


See it looks quite well sealed up on the pics, is it like that all underneath? 

It is kinda unfortunately. torque gt did it when landed here. Rather they hadnt tbh. On my list of things to tty a section see if it will come off.

Its not hiding anything mind. Clean car. 

But would have eather tried that lano guard this time.

Got clear waxoyl on the alphard and thats good actually.


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Lovely looking car, mate, sitting well on those rims too. The undersealing looks to be a good job though, I'd be inclined to leave it as is until it shows signs of needing redone.

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