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K7000's MB9 Slomo Project


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Ok, let's start my project topic...i bought this MB9 to become my new daily driver and to have space for a huge amount of pampers...!!!  8-)


This was the original condition when i bought it:




Interiour was looking fresh & nice:




First mods instantly after buying it:


Koni shocks with H&R springs
Energy Suspension bushings
Oz Superturismo GT wheels 6.5x15 with Falken ZE-912 195/50 tyres

Black window tint film


After a while i had to install new break & fuel pipes...a lot of rust on there...!!!  :shock: 

One break pipe was already leaky...is this a common problem with Aerodecks...???


Why slomo project...??? Because i'm busy with a lot of things...my wife, my 1 year old daughter, job and because the Honda scene in my area seems to be really small...so there's no helping hands to speed things up which is frustrating sometimes...!!!


So don't expect too many updates...let's see how long it will take to build my special daily...!!! 

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I love what you have done so far, we all know what you mean 85% of us our Ms our our daily drivers!


Yes, if you need the car every day, it's hard doing some major work. Everything needs to be fixed 100% so the car is ready for use the next day. 


Some helping hands with different skills would help a lot...!!! 

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