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  1. Nice deck gav , trying to put it up for c.o.t.m but having probs I try and sort a soon as poss
  2. lol sorry guys not been able to get on for a week or so , So I am am behind lol and now I have to get up to speed again lol can be a pain sometime on the pad
  3. Well done marv Thing is I can not get on control panel @Dave
  4. Try all four space savers on the ep that be cool to drive. NOT
  5. Nice flap looks even better in the flesh and I touched it lol
  6. @Krzys. I will get it up tomorrow at some point just got back from Scotland:)
  7. Looking good more purple always good
  8. Nice and shiny bits Simon , yep trinityD as a lot of bad stone chips and marks dam pain .
  9. Looks like someone has doctored my post that or I need to see a doctor
  10. Nice one well done I will get it up as soon as I can. Mmm not like that you lot lol
  11. Top work jake but how the hell can someone kill a car in such a short time what was he doing in it ?
  12. Well I have one on its way may need another I have two Ms lol lol
  13. God I have missed things on here you now have eg back
  14. DAVEMB2

    Exhaust MB3

    Yes all the parts will fit the mb3 from other mb's apart from the engine bits from the B series engine and remember things can always be made to fit
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