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K7000's new daily Honda Accord 2.2i-CTDi Executive


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Here we are...my new daily driver: Honda Accord 2.2i-CTDi Executive 2004 model


Because of some major problems with my MB9 i had to buy a new car for everyday driving.

I have a lot of mileage during one year, so i wanted to get a diesel.


I have the car now since last tuesday...it's really comfortable and the Executive Edition is packed with some nice gimmicks.


Mods on my wish list so far: 18 or 19" wheels plus lowering the car to the ground.


Here are my favorite pics of the first shooting - pure original look...no mods...that's how i bought it:











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Nice one :)

We've got a 2.0 vtec exec and it's a nice car... Just realised how good the chassis is by putting some 17s on it this weekend (big heavy oem ones of an 08 civic).

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Welcome to the accord crew lol Is it purple ?


Thx...i think it's a mix of blue, purple and black...depending on light and the angle you look at the car.




Lovely photos and beautiful colour


Thx...the shooting was done with my old Sony F-828. 

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Can recommend x-car link for adding ipod & blue tooth connectivity to the head unit that you can control from the steering wheel still, and keep the 6 disk head unit :)

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