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    I removed the ashuki endlinks and replaced them for hardrace ones. And a new yuasa battery cause the old one was almost dead
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    Been a while since I visited the forum, shame on me Here are some updates: Made a switch console where the radio sits normally. also bought a few new stuff, skunk2 tb 66mm, new ktuned pro short shifter, and ktuned slave cilynder. I got a s2000 cmc laying in the garage so this will be installed on the car soon. Also been busy with some wiretucking , still a lot to do but we getting there, will be updating about this very soon
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    Me, anti social? Pah, never! It's good to be able to see how it sits, it's a lot lower on the front now with the extended ball joints and that's without the engine back in! Speaking of the engine - V-TEC solenoids, shiny one for the rebuild. All cleaned, new seals and filter and Skunk2 cap to top it off Bottom pulley needs to be fitted but I have to trim the lower timing belt cover to make it fit so I couldn't fit it on the weekend. Wiring all fits and is mostly hidden behind the engine Almost ready to drop in! DASH2 has been a total headache to get operational. Race Technologies have been great in helping remotely through email and phone calls and it now is 95% there. I've set the screens to read any data channel I can find at the minute. MPH is out but that probably a formula I have wrong somewhere. It's a factor of 5 out consistently so should be easy to fix. Gear is coming from the ECU at the moment and should clear once the chassis is moving. Either the dash can calculate the gear or the ECU and send the data. Basically, if the ECU can read it, it can send it so it's then a matter of making the dash read it. You can only send 15 items which is more than enough! The dash is connected to the ECU by CANBUS like all modern cars which is only 2 wires, so you have to format the data from the ECU into something the DASH2 can pickup and then tell the DASH2 how to decode it. The DASH2 can be made to send alarms if it sees any bad readings like a low oil pressure or high water temp. It was making the 2 items talk which was a headache. Even though RT have done it before, any minor issue with the setup of the ECU or DASH2 CANBUS would mean nothing would come up on the display. Some screen shots below. The MPH works when I connect the VSS to a drill
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    Forget his opinion, he drives a BMW.
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    Yes you can my friend! @Chandler won with the whole front end missing while his engine bay was being painted