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    Steering tie rod

    does anyone knows if the inner tie rod for a eg would work on a mc2? If I look at the drawings of the mc2, you can't buy them apart. http://www.lingshondaparts.com/honda_car_parts_selection_pfk.php?block_01=17S1E01&block_02=B__3310&block_03=7801&block_05=hcr should these work? http://www.hardrace.co.uk/hard-race-honda-civic-eg-hard-tie-rod-oe-style-2pcs.html And should these work for the steering rack? You only need this or new collars also?
  2. hondasport

    nose bra

    Has anyone fitted a nosebra to they car? I see many cars with a nose bra but never saw one on our models. I know they excist but want to see one and how it looks.
  3. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

    Hello, I've been following this forum for a while but never introduced myself so I think it's about time that I do this My name is Ringo, i'm from Belgium so my Englisch isn't the best but I'll try. I have my aerodeck mc2 now for almost a year. When I bought him it had 110.000 km. This is when I bought him : My first modification were wheels and h&r lowering springs. I also changed the oil to mobil1 5w40 and mounted a itr oem airbox. Changed the sparkplugs and installed a cat converter. This week I'm gonna change the brake pads to ebc black ones. I also did a big order at all4honda.nl, a 5 panel mirror, a sensor for oiltemp and oilpress, a new fuelfilter, a hamp oilfilter, an oilpan gasket, a exhaust header gasket, a few little things and the biggest thing, an invidia g200 catback from a civic coupe/sedan 92-95. Also I want to buy a utcomp board computer and install the oil sensors on it. I also bought a vti-s front and back lip wich must be painted in red. I had the chance to buy a secondhanded tegiwa toda rep header wich is almost brand new. When the new updates are installed I'll be posting some new pictures. This is a picture of me and hondaprojason when he visited the netherlands : edit november 2015 : these are the mods i've did so far: performanceitr airbox with k&n filter and cold air feedtegiwa toda rep. headerdecatsrs r60 catbackinsane shafts driveshaftsoem itr clucthact streetlight flywheelhamp oilfilterebc brakepads suspensionh&r coilover kitrota grid 17x7,5 et45black lugnutspirelli p zero nero 205-40-17mg zs 18mm swaybar rearenergy suspension front swaybar endlinks bushingsenergy suspension gear shift bushings interiortegiwa 360 degree shifter extensiontegiwa type r gear knob5-panel mirror exteriorvti-s lip kitvti-s spoilergrill and logo wrapped in matt blackfake air intakes in fog surroundingsheadlights tinted in blackwhite sidemarkersdebadged trunknew paint on vti-s kit, trunk rear bumper,mirrors, and doorhandlestegiwa rear tow hookpainted brake calipers redclimair window visors frontshort atenna engine baydarkicedesigns hoodstrutspassword jdm radiator staypassword jdm vtec solenoid covertegiwa washers tenzo-r battery tiedownskunk2 plug cover future modsutcomp trip computer (working on it)engine dress-upwindow visors rear and roofwindow tintingheadlights blackhousing diynew paint valve coverskunk2 water hosesbishimoto water reservoir
  4. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

    It's brushed steel wrap , looks very dark. I've been thinking to redo it in more lighter brushed, something between alu brushed and steel brushed.
  5. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

    tried something,looks good I think. Will do the other side too.
  6. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

    I removed the ashuki endlinks and replaced them for hardrace ones. And a new yuasa battery cause the old one was almost dead
  7. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

    Been a while since I visited the forum, shame on me Here are some updates: Made a switch console where the radio sits normally. also bought a few new stuff, skunk2 tb 66mm, new ktuned pro short shifter, and ktuned slave cilynder. I got a s2000 cmc laying in the garage so this will be installed on the car soon. Also been busy with some wiretucking , still a lot to do but we getting there, will be updating about this very soon
  8. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

  9. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

    Recently I installed a p30 ecu in the car and had it mapped with ectune, rides a lot better now. Also installed a new buddyclub backbox, instead of the invidia. A bit better sound now. And my custom apexi airfilter intake is almost ready.
  10. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

    thx everybody. Have some new updates. In the rear I installed a dark ice design upper strut bar. Been thinking what I can do with the hole I had to make in the plastic And a friend made a custom intake and a plate to keep the engine heat away. Works great with the apexi filter, much nicer sound than the k&n one. Will be further worked on to fit everything perfect and sealed. Also bought a second handed steering hub, it's one of circuit hero. Much better than my previous one, the holes weren't any good anymore, and I ripped the steering wheel off
  11. hondasport

    my aerodeck

    nice one!
  12. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

    yeah, I will see how it turns out. Maybe I gonna put the oems back on, will see
  13. hondasport

    Ringo's red mc2

    you are not the first one who says that. Will leave them on the car, must see it a few times, not sure if i'm gonna keep them