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  1. Just a shame @phill1975 's isn't a deck!
  2. @Dave lost them the other day! Perhaps he hasn't added enough glue or something!
  3. Dunno, I never do 70 On the motorway I sit at 4.4k rpm, just out of VTEC
  4. I've got 4" mate, it looks good, not too big on an M
  5. Oh and don't do the H badge red It looks awful on anything apart from a type r. White would look ace
  6. I'd have thought the cig lighter is a nice, easy and safe bet.
  7. 1 year newer than my wife's! Nice car mate, the hard top is a great addition! Get some roll over hoops
  8. Thankyou muchly Love that, totally impractical for me, but wow!
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