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  1. search button not working @Dave lol twas a 1.6.
  2. My MK2 was lowwwww! I suspect you can raise it up!
  3. 3G paint protection. Yes, I have a bike rack. Sign writing tomorrow!
  4. Needs lows! And a snail, the 1.6 is painfully slow! Looks tidy Dave!
  5. Rack up. Pipe tube on. Beading van porn!
  6. So... Been a while, but I'm back in a vehicle! So, this is my BRAND NEW, Mercedes Vito Sport 119 crew cab long wheelbase. 190 bhp, full or semi auto. Several option boxes checked, stereo, comfort rear seats, removable tow bar etc..
  7. Going BMW eh? Didn't know you had a mental disabilities, I'm sorry to hear that mate. Get well soon.
  8. Another one joins the fleet! 1986 Raleigh Mauraderer. Another chartiy shop score! And spamming the rest of my Cycling pictures...
  9. I just thought I'd accidentally managed to get on the dark web again!
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