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    Yes! A few more hours and ......
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    Thanks Jake. The drive in Mindy lifts us both up, we come back, park in the drive and have big cheesy smiles on our faces. Deffo lifts the spirits mate
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    So was inboxed and asked if I wanted my car featured in a online car mag the other day and I said yes. Here is link https://stanceauto.co.uk/craig-honda-civic-mb2
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    Cheers guys its bloody bright in sun lol its like one of the buttercup flowers you get a glow from it lol
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    isn't it! We've never been fans of built up areas/cities, much prefer the wide open spaces. Where we're moving to, we have that right on our doorstep Thanks mate, appreciate that. Funeral went as well as can be expected under the lock down, felt very surreal. She deserved a much better send off than this but it's all we we're allowed to do. Least she's up there with my Dad now and having a ball! You'll love the roads down near our new house Ali, plenty fun to be had!
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    Went for shopping again, taking the scenic route and the perfect car for this glorious weather. Peaked 33 degrees here today, unusual for Scotland and at this time of year. Was so nice getting the sun and fresh air while driving De-stressed us both. Mums funeral tomorrow so Mindy has helped get us ready. Hope everyone enjoying the sun and playing safe
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    Thanks guys.Mum had been unwell for the past week or so, and they thought she wouldn't make it through the previous weekend. But she had a chest infection, which then started pneumonia, and they think she also had a small stroke. Passed away in her sleep, so at least it was peacefully. Would have been 91 years old on the 26th of this month. She was in the latter stages of dementia too, which is probably what caused her to pass away in the end. Least she is pain free now. Even though I'm an old git myself, and we've been expecting this, it still doesn't make it any easier to cope with when it does happen.