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    Wowzers! Amazing to have a new car again Good on you for saving it rather than getting a completely new car. Wish i still had my Civic too
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    Thanks bud. I know what you mean - I've wanted to do this for ages now, and it's turned out to be the perfect opportunity.
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    She's looking proper mint underneath and now well protected. I'm dying to see this mate! That GMC van is amazing! Proper A-Team styleee!
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    Ah man, soooooo jealous!!! That looks amazing mate, wish i could get DD's done like that!
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    And powder coated gubbins
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    More (last?) underneath pics...
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    I ran an a dc2 ecu in my civic coupe which had a b18c4, you need to make sure the valve train is upgraded to run the extra rpm or the will blow the engine to s**te, and the intake manifold yes it does a way with it but I ran a standard intake just cabled tied the secondary butterfly open
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    Think its dead, accoding to DVLA *edit* No MOT bit it is Sorn'd