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  1. Looks nice Dave! Shame about the MX5 but sometimes we need to let our pride n joys go! I like the new silver interior, suits it much better! I've driven a Cooper S before, they're supercharged aren't they? Fast little tikes they are! Happy motoring mate ;)
  2. Nice number mate! Not all about the figures but driving experience, as you pointed out ;) mega power for such a light car, compared to the modern beasts that weight a house
  3. Looking good mate! Lovely build this one ;) Can't wait to see the finished result....if there ever is such a thing!
  4. Looks a nice size pipe mate! Suits the car well. Always good to get some fruitiness too ;) Now all you need is a 4-1 Toyosports manifold now!
  5. Looking nice mate! Happy birthday! P.s stop p**sing about and turbo the thing ffs!
  6. Yeah still have the beemer mate! Been a good car so far ;) Will get some pics/thread started at some point! Good job ref wiring! The thing will be booming! Good to see the old quality stuff still working after all these years. Buy an amp nowadays, and leave it years, guaranteed it won't work when tried later.
  7. Good things come to those who wait! It was the dizzy cap that cracked all the time, at the bolt holes, let moisture in and wouldn't start! One time I did over tighten the bolts and cracked it! May as well have set fire to the money instead! Lol I've had my car for over 3.5 years now, booked in on the 22nd for DPF delete and new custom map. Fitted big intercooler 2 weeks ago and got a gearbox map....... modification on cars is never ending and no time set to do em! ;)
  8. Looks good mate! Dizzy and rotor arms were replaced on mine regularly, as always cracked :( Good to see this when finally finished, but in reality, who's car is actually 'finished'! ;)
  9. I had Hardrace ones that didn't fit mate. Sold them and bought Skunk2 ones, they fitted. My car was low though but still. The Hardrace ones hit the upper arch
  10. Looks nice mate! Good example it seems ;)
  11. Hope the car is ok mate, glad you have decent people now looking after your car. Would be heart breaking had this water went undetected for a long time. It will be ready for the summer and when all this covid ia relaxed, we can all meet up and race....i mean chat! ;)
  12. As long as your for for Forza tomorrow mate! ;) Seriously, hope ur ok tho :(
  13. Could it not be possible that a wire has been nicked on the other part of the sensor loom? Not necessarily the actual sensor? Just a thought!
  14. You can't take normal things for granted on these! Just like my sunroof i got from a deck....didnt fit the hatch! Anyway, I'm sure you could find a piece to manually paint in PB and screw it onto the end of the skirts. Easy fix! Shame about wiring fault :(
  15. I had 'Z Lip' make on mine. They are other makes on ebay but Z Lip are the main make, came from America, and lasted all the abuse and never hinted of coming off (stuck on by 3M tape that came with it). About £60 if i remember. You could add it to front or rear bumpers, if looks ok!
  16. Private plate would be better IMO, but will cost minimum of £250 :( Side skirts look good, i like the extensions too. I know your not keeping them but maybe stick on extensions? I had stick on splitter for my Accord. It flexed so speed bumps etc wouldn't damage them. You cut it to length etc. Just a thought! What's the drive date for Tubs II?
  17. Nice one, love a shiny white car! The wheel colour sets it off mate, good choice
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