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  1. Lol seen it bud might look better with the lip on. Different tastes for different people end of day your car bud mod it how you like it
  2. Na man staying black not buying new little m sport badges for the wheels every week lol
  3. Was thinking carbon wrapped rear spoiler and a black front spoiler
  4. Think the boxes get capped at 700nm and bhp is 370-380 seen that some are 400odd tho and 780nm but don't think box would last at all
  5. My mates Mrs car lol 650bhp nuts
  6. Na nothing loud lol next on list is bigger intercooler decat and stage 2 map
  7. They do but there a bit darker in the flesh lol
  8. Sprayed alloys bmw space grey
  9. Cheers bud just gave it a little polish.
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