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  1. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    Not sure about bronze. Mite just do it a nicer silver and not sure on lights yet
  2. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    so took yellow headlight film off headlights the other week and wheels getting a better more shiney silver paint job soon to
  3. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    Reason is I see a lot of polo's and golf's with silver ats cups down here. Feel bronze with nice 2k clear coat would go with the blue of the car
  4. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    Looking at doing my wheels bronze. Yes or no ?????
  5. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    Lots has changed on this car. Took all sticker bomb off inside and calmed car down. Engine bay changed colour and so have wheels. More has been done to.
  6. Dogg1210 vti-s

    That the mg one on my old ma8 civic
  7. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    One like I had before
  8. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    Cheers guys thinking of rubber lip for rear bumper again as it way higher then rest
  9. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    Few pics just so can see how deck looks
  10. Car bra for mb!

    Yep that's my old car. Trying find where got it from
  11. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    So as my big bore didn't sit out of bumper and was board of the big 4 inch tip my partner got me a new 2inch back box. Sits out bumper better and looks better I think. Need pull it up abit tho
  12. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    One my mates gave me his old steering wheel. It's bit bigger then the momo I had in it and feels better driving it to. Plus went back to black on wheels so outside not so mad
  13. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    As wheels paint wasn't great redone them. Two redone orange and then did two yellow then did top ej9 spoiler, mid spoiler and side skirts black. Fitted front tow hook. Then went on holiday and got few nice pics. Got self roof bars that had to cut down. Then after looking at the car I took the stickers off the two side rear windows some off the back window. Stickers off the passenger wing, front bumper and rear bumper and windscreen. Also took bonnet vents off to so looks abit cleaner
  14. Dinochips Project mb6

    looking gud dude be gud catch up