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  1. wow that looks so much better! you going to be changing the wheels?
  2. Finally got a picture of the Dawes galaxy, new chain and new gear cables, just need to adjust the brakes and give the wheels a little true
  3. that looks nice tom! such a bargain, any idea what its worth?
  4. ah yeah that fair enough, just take plenty jerry cans haha
  5. will be cool as long as the weather stays nice! will be camping and fuel shouldn't be too bad in the corolla
  6. hopefully doing the north coast 500 in Scotland in august!
  7. oh btw tom is that why you have a lovely tan wall tyre on your bike?
  8. Just been given to opportunity to restore 2 dawes galaxy road bikes one male racer and one female, I think from the late 70's can wait to get out on them! Also manage to pick up a Raleigh super burner 80's bmx for a steal of a price! I'm starting to really get In to retro bikes! pictures to come!
  9. Paul, do you stay near aviemore? looks lovely! Tom that looks awesome!
  10. yup not even a 2.0 let alone a turbo, its ridiculously loud as well haha
  11. talking of horrendous spoilers this one is local to me and is 1.6 n/a hahaha
  12. the front is actually alright, the rear end is atrocious!
  13. you sure do use and abuse your bikes! ooh what's the white one?
  14. was yours a petrol or a diesel I cant remember
  15. I really like them, I will definitely get one some day
  16. dave yours will be a quick release, a dropper is like that but you don't need to get off and adjust it, the dropper with the handlebar switch is either cable operated or hydraulically operated much like brakes, I had a hydraulic dropper and its just unnecessary, so sold it and got just a normal seatpost with quick release and saved my self about £150!
  17. I was looking at some v70's but quite a lot were really high mileage, the v40's would just be too slow I recon but they are reliable and are very cheap! but ended up getting on satuday a jaguar x type estate in British racing green! 2.5 v6 awd, really nice to drive and very comfortable, cant wait to get the bike rack on the roof!
  18. just flew down and drove back up the same day, was home by tea time haha
  19. probably cheaper than you think! its so much fun to drive. been looking at xtype estates, and at saab 95 aero but everything is so far away from me had to go to Birmingham to get my corolla!
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