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I would like to know if it will be possible to fit on the MB6 Hood and front bumper onto my MA8. I've noticed there are significantly more parts for the MB6, and then more there's the front lip that I think I wouldn't be able to put onto my MA8. I'm worries there might be conflict with the lights or other parts of the body. And that MB6 bumper is quite sexy. 


Pictured my white ma8, someone elses (who's probably here on civic5) mb6

20160221_181404 (1).jpg


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5 minutes ago, UnicyclingTom said:

It is possible, but the MA front end is better looking imo


You think? I was considering getting my hood changed as it's currently 25% quickfill. And I like that wider body front bumper on the mb6. 

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10 hours ago, noodels said:

Lights are different size/shape also


Ok so it's basically a replacement bonnet, Headlights, and Bumper. I read somewhere that the construct holding up the bumper might need to be changed too? 


2 hours ago, Finch said:

Check out my inspiration thread on the general chat section, there's a few MA's on there (Domani's) 8-)

 Couldn't find the thread. You got a link?

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