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6 hours ago, TJMB4 said:

Hello mate. Yeah I did get an error. Says -200 error if that helps. How does one raise a support ticket? Lol 

Easy mate, in the nav bar, click on "support" then new. The support ticket will appear on the screen then it's just a case of selecting dept and filing out what the problem is. B)

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Good morning all....



Just wondering if the EK grills are the same as what comes on the MB's? has anyone changed theirs? .. If so what fits and what doesn't? :D



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Hahahaha im not bad with them to be honest but not worth it. 



Are there grills made that fit the MB's? apart from the original? 

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That's the downside to wanting to be different enough to modify an M, there's so few after market parts. But if you check through some of the project threads, specifically someone like @Chandler's you'll get some ideas I'm sure :)

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