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welcometocivic5smile  Sweet looking ES Clare, how long you had it? Looking forward to more pics of it! Enjoy the club, any questions just ask, we're a friendly bunch here :grin:

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Thanks everyone. Ye ive owned her for about a yr and only recently found out i have vtec lol not muchi can find out about my car tho it has the es trim spec but seems mine shouldnt have the d16w4 vtec engine yes the vtec solenoid is on the block and stamped so feel like i have a extra special mb4 lol 

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ES is a nice spec, got an Aerodeck ES myself (although the original leather has been replaced with a full custom leather interior retrim). Obviously not as quick as the B18 engined one's but quick enough for most purposes!

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We also have the official Honda manuals (pdf) for these cars in our downloads section, along with the original brochures (also downloadable). Anything you want to know that doesn't show up using the forums search button, just ask. Everything you need to know about your car will be in the forum. ;-)


Oh, and we also have a sisiter site/club which we have just started called Future Classic Cars which is for all modern classics from the 80's, 90's and 00's. Would be great to see your wee Civic there too! Already some nice cars there but always looking to grow the club. Link is below.



Future Classic Cars Uk logo. For all Modern Classic cars


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