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Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)


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So, a little update! As some of you may already know, when I went to work on Carly (replacing rear calipers then bleeding brakes) things did not go smoothly! After new calipers were fitted, Gayle and I were in the garage finishing off bleeding the brakes. And that's when it happened!  I had a heart attack! I didn't have a clue what was happening but luckily Gayle spotted the signs and got me into the house then called for an ambulance. Wont go into too much details but they had a team waiting at the door pf the ERI who took me from ambulance straight into theatre. Two stents fitted then up to cardiac care unit. Both the team and the ambulance crew said if Gayle hadn't acted so quickly, I wouldn't be here now.

So obviously restoring Mindy has ground to a halt due to me having to recover and rebuild my strength/repair my old ticker. Well, not entirely ground to a halt! hehehe. I have changed her head unit again, after picking up a Pioneer DAB/USB head unit really cheap (like, £20!). Got it all fitted although it did have a fault with it's own wiring harness which I had to repair but all as good as new now. Had a spare brand new DAB ariel lying about in the garage so fitted that and all working perfectly. Love having the USB, as it means (like my other cars) no more CD's rattling about in the car. Will get photos of the new head unit when I remember, but here's a few of Mindy on a wee run yesterday down the coast road. Decided it was sunny, and I needed cheering up so off we tootled. Actually gave her quite a good blast, and even with the knackered suspension, totally enjoyed it. Flashed at a silver MK2 MX5 going through Port Seton but he blanked me! lol

jan_2019_2we run down coast.jpgjan_2019_3we run down coast.jpgjan_2019_4we run down coast.jpgjan_2019_5we run down coast.jpg


And my fav photo of her so far..


Hope you like. Will be tackling replacing the suspension once I have my strength back, then engine service/belts along with draining the brake fluid and renewing it (hopefully no dramas this time round!!)

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So, update time! Decided on plan B as the chosen plan of attack! Ordered her brand new shocks, springs and bump stops from MX5Heaven and it was delivered yesterday. Kit looks decent, and the reviews were all highly recommending it. Plan B involves my local garage fitting the kit as I have no patience any more and just want it done!!! Can't wait until I've recovered!!

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Garage asked me to bring the car down first so they can check her over to see if new bolts etc are going to be needed, and to see how much rust on the old kit they would be facing. This would also give me the chance to have a look while she's up on the ramp.

 Looks like the shocks,/bolts will come off ok after some heat. On inspection, osr shock is completely gone, no damping at all. OSF shock is leaking like crazy, and not much damping going on. They also suspect that's where the knocking noise is coming from, although will know for sure once they get stuck in. NSF shock is a bit weak, NSR shock and spring have both been replaced. No wonder her handling is all over the place!

They had me in the garage to have a good nosey underneath as you can't really tell much when viewing the car in the streets when buying it. Guys at garage even agree she is surprisingly very solid underneath. The wishbones look crap with all the underseal that's been slapped on them flaking off, but these will also be getting replaced as we go along. Underseal on floor etc looks untidy/old and needs wire brushed off and redone, but she looks really solid! Very happy and very relieved, as checking the underneath on any car is tricky, but on these it's even harder and also more crucial as they do rot like hell. Glad to see wee do appear to have bought a really good one on that front!

So, she's booked in for Monday to get all her new suspension fitted! So looking forward to it! Martyn my friend at the garage also recommended a place not too far away from here to get the geometry set up done so will get that booked asap too. Next month, funds allowing, will get new tyres all round and new brake pads front and rear. Getting her booked into there to get all her fluids changed too, along with all filters and spark plugs/leads. 

Took her for a wee celebration run seeing as the sun was out! Love this wee car!

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So, got her back, new suspension fitted and they didn't have any probs with the fitting. Just had her out for a proper wee blast as didn't have time yesterday............and bloody hell, what a difference!

The massive vibration through the car when going over even the slightest bump is gone. There is still a little vibration, also noticed this at high speed on the motorway, so assuming the wheels deffo need balanced plus a 4 wheel alignment still need done.

But cornering, my god she's so much better! Could feel myself trusting her more and more with every corner. She's just so much more controlled. Now she doesn't bounce on the osr, which used to throw her out in corners. So much more fun to drive, but also so much nicer to drive normally.

Ordered up 4 new Goodyear efficient grip tyres for her (got a bargain on blackcircles, 4 fully fitted for £214 as they had a discount sale on) so these getting fitted on Thursday. Will then get her booked in for the geometry set up. 

Got a pic of underneath with new shock/spring fitted but it's on my phone so will upload it later. Not much to see really, just a nice shiney shock bump stop and spring. Lol

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Well, everyone knows how I love miniatures so after seeing the 1:18 scale models from Gates posted by another member, I decided to go looking for one! Had been told that these were expensive, and cheapest ones I could find were over the £100 mark. Then this one popped up, but had no box (not an issue for me as all my models come out of the box and go on display shelves) but in mint condition. Looked at the price, it had just been listed minutes before.........at £40! Jumped on it there and then!

So it arrived today, and have to say description was bang on, not a single mark or scratch on it. Had to make up some of Mindy's plates in 1:18 scale (would be rude not to! lol)

Hope you like!



Oh, and the only pic I have of the new suspension so far! lol. Unfortunately, it also shows how untidy she is underneath, but everything is solid, only surface rust. Will be tackling this as soon as I'm well enough!


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