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ULEZ Compliant or not? 1998 D14A8 1.4 Engine


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Hi there,


Hope everyone is good? 

My mechanic was telling me that he thought my 1998 1.4 MB D14A8 5Dr Civic is Ulez charge complaint for London driving as he thought Honda worked ahead of time to improve their engines emissions but the government TFL website says that it’s not compliant. 

I’m a bit confused about the issue, does anyone know how I can check if its compliant or not? 

The TFL website says that to prove its compliant I need to:


“To prove your vehicle meets the ULEZ standards:

  • A letter from the vehicle manufacturer's homologation department stating the vehicle's Euro standard or a conformity certificate”



I was trying to look in Hondas website and I just saw this page on COC’s which says if the car was made in the UK after 1995 you should be able to get a COC which are charged at £175. 



So am I being naive or is all I need to do, pay Honda £175 and get a COC from them and that should be enough to prove it’s Euro 4 compliant and then if TFL register the car then we’re all good and I can keep the running the car in London?


Does having a COC mean that the car is automatically Euro 4 emission’s compliant? Or is that just one part of a bigger puzzle?


Not really sure what to do, any ideas please 





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Well without knowing what the requirements are and what the civic emissions values are I can't say.

However you've got nothing to lose as the certificate appears to be free. 

Only chargeable it a duplicate is required. At least that's how it reads to me.

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Thanks, I’ve applied and hope no one has asked for a COC before for it.


I found this AA website with the emissions standards listed:




Euro 2 (EC96)

January 1996 (January 1997)

The Euro 2 standard further reduced the limit for carbon monoxide emissions and also reduced the combined limit for unburned hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen for both petrol and diesel vehicles. 

Euro 2 introduced different emissions limits for petrol and diesel.

Euro 2 emission limits (petrol)
  • CO – 2.2 g/km
  • HC+ NOx – 0.5 g/km
  • PM – no limit
Euro 3 (EC2000)

January 2000 (January 2001)

Euro 3 modified the test procedure to eliminate the engine warm-up period and further reduced permitted carbon monoxide and diesel particulate limits. Euro 3 also added a separate NOx limit for diesel engines and introduced separate HC and NOx limits for petrol engines.

Euro 3 emission limits (petrol)
  • CO – 2.3 g/km
  • HC – 0.20 g/km
  • NOx - 0.15
  • PM – no limit



Euro 4 (EC2005)

January 2005 (January 2006)

Euro 4 (January 2005) and the later Euro 5 (September 2009) concentrated on cleaning up emissions from diesel cars, especially reducing particulate matter(PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

Some Euro 4 diesel cars were fitted with particulate filters.


Euro 4 emission limits (petrol)
  • CO – 1.0 g/km
  • HC – 0.10 g/km
  • NOx – 0.08
  • PM – no limit


There was a big jump from Euro 2 to 4 so not sure if Honda managed to bridge the emissions gap that far for this DA engine.


Let’s see what Honda say as I’m hoping the COC will list all this emissions details on it, I’ve never seen a COC before so have no idea.


I guess it’s pointless me asking their homologation department as they’ll just quote  Euro 2 compliance in line with the date of the Euro standard and the date of manufacture of the car. 


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Hi all, hope you’re good, ok so I got the COC and it has the following figures:


CO: 0,8230 g/km

HC :- g/km

Nox:- g/km

HC+Nox:- 0,2060 g/km

CO is ok, but no single figure for the Nox, which I think is the key figure needed for a Petrol car. But the combined Nox and HC looks high. Any ideas, possibly a miss on this I guess?


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I only just saw this thread as I haven't been on here much lately as so few seem to come up for sale these days.


It would be interesting if there was a way around it.


A pre March 2001 1.4 MB Would also be preferable as the yearly tax on it is £175 compared to £265 for one registered after March 2001.


What puts me off doing it is that they could go and change the rules again at any time. I chose the compliant common 2006 petrol car I have now as something that I won't miss if I have to change it again.


I know that for non Euro 4 motorcycles and scooters there is a place that can do an actual emissions test. If the bike passes, it can be registered with TFL that it meets the emissions standards. As far as I know, this is not available for cars.

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I would be interested to know what the emissions level numbers were for a 2000 1.4l engine MB.


As I don't actually own one, I wonder if Honda UK would be willing to provide that information if I was to contact them. 

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On 4/3/2022 at 10:55 PM, YRegMB said:

I would be interested to know what the emissions level numbers were for a 2000 1.4l engine MB.


As I don't actually own one, I wonder if Honda UK would be willing to provide that information if I was to contact them. 

I think it would need to be on one you were thinking of buying. Could always ask the current owner if they can show you the print out of the emissions from last MOT. The factory/book specs when new won't be the same as an engine that's done over 50K. I'd hate to live in London mate, really feel for you as they are doing everything they can to push the older cars out all together. They are going to be doing the same crappy ULEZ up here in Edinburgh, so guess my civic or my mini won't be going anywhere near the City.

Does the 1.5 civic not fall into the ULEZ specs? Considering how fuel efficient the VTEC-E 1.5 is if you could get a print out of the emissions from one of those to compare maybe?

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