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**My 1st car project thread, MB3**


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I quite like the sound of that! I was thinking of doing a mini-me swap too, a d16z6 or d16y8 head but I like the economy. Gearbox is already sorted as you know... If I wanted a faster car, I will get a MC2 or a early 90's Accord Aerodeck as a 2nd car  ;)

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Yesterday I went to fit a set of top of the range Hertz component speakers but unfortunately one speaker rattles. Sounds like the driver or coil has had it :( I should know better as I never buy used electronics!


So I bought a set of brand new Fli Underground 6.5" Coaxial speakers for 15 quid in the sale from Trago, another BARGAIN! Not the best speakers but they will do for now.


I went to fit them and guess what, they don't fit the adapters <_< I'm going to try and work out how to fit them... 







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Thanks, I like the look of the Vibe Slicks and I was tempted to buy them but I don't think they worth 45 quid. You can get a nice set of Alpines for that price!

Well least I only paid 20. And there probably ok with an amp. But headjnit doesnt like them. But now you've made me think about ill stick the flis back in
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