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**New Updates** MB6 VTI-S


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Got rid of my back seat, spare wheels and sold my earthquake subs for £30... car feels a little lighter than normal



Then my his and her harness hehebe. Takata and luke, i thought it will look odd but surprisingly turned out to be nice (in my opinion though)





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Hahaha- hlad people like it

Yeah thr recaro are a bit high i need to bring it down a bit but i dont know how lol.. there's an instruction on the how to section but never tried it yet. Trying to understand it still hehehe.

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Well i'm not sure if i'd do that to my car, but awesome idea well executed! I think that's a first here.

Hahaha yeah some people don't agree with the multi coloured ones but ohwell. Yeah you're right I have not seen it anywhere infact all harnesses ive seen are paired hehe

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