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Ok, now we're on the new forum, it's time to update how things work! Got a video on YouTube or similar site that you want to share with everyone here? Here's how to add a video to your post.

1. Start a topic/make a post.

2. Go to YouTube, or where ever the video is hosted. In your browsers web address bar, copy the URL from the web address bar.



3. Now back to your post. Right click and select "Paste".

Your link will appear for a few seconds, then the video will appear.


4. Add your text.

5. Click submit button.

Your video will now be displayed automatically in your post. Easy!



Why not use our Video Gallery app!  It's easy to use, and you can be sure everyone will see your video. The latest videos added to it also appear on the forum index page.

1. To add a video to the video app, just go to the main menu, select "Browse/Videos"

You will see the video app and all the videos other members have posted.

2. Click "Add Video".

3. Just follow the on screen instructions. There's just 4 easy steps!


Also, if you add videos using our video app, all your videos appear on your profile page! So members browsing your profile will see all the videos you've added too. Bonus! We would always recommend using the Video App for all your videos!

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LOL it took getting a gold membership and 1400 posts to sus it out...


You should have asked mate ???


haha! I know mate... Before the forum update I had no problem uploading videos because I use to copy and paste the link on the page and it comes up straight away. Plus I haven't uploaded a video in a while :lol:  

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