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Civic d15z8 mb3 project

Guest seascalelouie

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Guest seascalelouie

happy ive found a civic mb forum, been looking for a while, so a few weeks ago i picked up my first civic, its a mb3 so far liking it alot, especially as you dont see loads of mb's around, there not as common as the ej's or ek's. 

quick spec of the civic

d15z8 engine 114bhp
cat back with savage 3.5" short back box
pipercross cone filter
venom ap coilovers rouchly 30mm to go on rear and 10 on the front
genuine recaro fishnet front seats from a 1981 rs2000 escort544897_10201083074232436_1072513649_n.jp
running corsa c sxi wheels in gloss black ( please dont hate me haha!)
smooth boot in satin black
relocated rear number plate
omp 330 dished steering wheel
few bits of stickerbomb inside

want to get some rota slipstreams for it, but will have to save up a bit, also want to spray the boot green and put a cold air feed into the corner of the front bumper. this is my first honda after owning vw's for a while so its a nice change. would like to hear peoples thoughts and opinions12090_10201119871352341_292915834_n.jpg1236319_10201128086037703_1655748890_n.j1174789_10201143467782237_851474773_n.jp

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Damn that's low.  :D  :D


I quite like the corsa wheels, not so keen on the flushed boot, looks a bit too roverish in my eyes.


Can't believe you've got RS fishnets in it, were they tricky to fit??

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Guest seascalelouie

can i just say, this is so much bloody better than vw forums! ive not yet seen one person take the p**s out of somones pride and joy, i just love this forum!! 

also im looking into rota grids! or some cades eros with gold centers. the boot needs finishing going to sand it back smooth it again and paint it green! 

it was fine with the smoothed grill but wasnt to my taste, also the fishnets were in it when i got it nick! there so comfy and low down! 

heres a interior picture, it needed a clean and radio wasnt in right it was the morning after i picked it up haha! cheers guys!1234945_10201079327938781_374482428_n.jp

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