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  1. mb6vti

    Replacement coolant hoses

    Thanks Dave. I have given my email so I get updated if and when they get the shipment. As for the silicone hoses can you guys then reccomend some? I don't need the whole kit just top and bottom hoses and would prefer not to have to modify them to fit.
  2. mb6vti

    Replacement coolant hoses

    Unfortunately not Dave. Looking on Lings.com shows that they are unavailable. I also checked my local dealer who also cannot source them anymore. I have heard that the silicon ones do not provide a good seal like the rubber ones.
  3. mb6vti

    Replacement coolant hoses

    Hey Folks, Does anyone know if you can still source the OEM rubber coolant hoses? Thanks
  4. mb6vti

    CAT required for my MB6 Vti

    Just get the Klarius cat from eurocarparts. I did and it worked a treat.
  5. mb6vti

    Heavyset hoses Group buy *Closed*

    Just to throw another option in the mix. SFS performance make MB6 radiator hoses that are a direct fit and require zero trimming.
  6. mb6vti


    Does anyone have have links to where I can buy a MB6 radiator maybe a Nissens or other brand? ECP have EIS rads but heard they are rubbish. Thanks
  7. mb6vti

    Please Delete.

    Please Delete.
  8. mb6vti

    wanted vti-s v,w or x plate

    There is no guarantee that a car with low miles owned from new and used only for shopping runs is going to be a good car. I bought a silver MB6 in 2010 from a 1 owner older gentleman. It had FSH and 49K and the engine felt sluggish. I sold it and bought my current MB6 VTI-S with 86K and it also has FSH. It had been owned by an enthusiast and the engine has now got 105K and TBH it feels much better than my 49K previous MB6.
  9. mb6vti

    Parts For Sale

    B Series Cam Cover - Sold Elsewhere. Induction Kit - Sold Elsewhere. Spark Plug Cover - £10 collected or £15 posted. Side Skirt Clips - Sold Elsewhere. Standard MB6 Strut Brace - £10 collected or £15 posted. Carbon fibre Trim - £15 collected or £20 posted. In the last photo you will see that one of the clips is missing. I am open to offers but nothing silly please. Location Scotland.
  10. mb6vti

    New car

    Not trying to be an a** but how do you know that a sub 100k car has been looked after? My 49k MB6 drove like crap compared to my current MB6 which is @ 103K. Mileage is irrelavant and proper maintenance is everything.
  11. mb6vti

    another M please

    Whats your budget Kyekey09?
  12. mb6vti

    Dinochips Project mb6

    Top work mate - are the hoses a perfect fit as I know MB6 ones are hard to get hold of? Do you have a link to the hoses you bought?
  13. mb6vti


    Hi Folks need a working distributor from a MB6 Part TD-86U. I would even consider a non working one as I mainly need the Distributor housing to be in good condition including the mounting holes for the Distributor and the Distributor Cap. Preference is for a working one of course. Post what you got folks inc delivery charges.
  14. mb6vti

    Sorry all im leaving to the darkside (BMW M Power)

    Congratulations and a nice Colour too. Never been a big fan of the M series cars. With each revision they get fatter and BMW pack in more gizmos to kill driver involvement. Still a quick car just not rewarding enough in my humble opinion. For me the one and only real M3 was and still is the E30 M3.
  15. mb6vti

    MB6 Airbox same as Standard MB

    Yeah I am sure the piping is different but I would have thought the airbox itself would be the same.