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  1. gary1mc

    Accord - civic?

    I'm getting the whole car for £50 so nothing lost just to try really I can break it for a few hundred anyway I'll give it a go see what fits and report back what does and doesn't
  2. gary1mc

    Accord - civic?

    I was thinking possibly the hub assembly? I'm definitely taking the wheels same ones I had on my deck
  3. gary1mc

    Accord - civic?

    Guys I've got a chance of an accord 2.0 auto beast as a kind of donor but not too sure if any of the parts are interchangeable with the civic. Have any of you any info would be much appreciated
  4. gary1mc

    Danoteg's mc1

    That's one clean looking deck man sweet
  5. gary1mc

    my new project ej8 d16y8

    Maybe on to something there
  6. gary1mc

    B16 head b18 block?

    Probably be better building one myself just to be sure but if I'm building an engine it's not gonna be that setup was just thinking about time Vs cash with that but when in doubt do it yourself
  7. gary1mc

    B16 head b18 block?

    I've just came across a guy selling an engine with a b16 head on a b18 block has anyone ever had experience with this setup any pros/cons to look out for cause I think I'm buying it PS would s80 gearbox go with this setup and possibly a p28 ecu all to go in my ej8
  8. gary1mc

    Danoteg's mc1

    I have no patience for that kinda work I just give it to my painter
  9. gary1mc

    my new project ej8 d16y8

    Gotta love the chrome rims
  10. gary1mc


    guys I'm in the process of sourcing parts for my new ej8 coupe project I'm basically starting from scratch I'm on the lookout for as follows. Front and rear brake conversion (with trailing arms) Front and rear lowering kit shox and Springs or coilovers Exhaust Alloy wheels 16 or 17" Also any interior / exterior bits Unfortunately the price of any parts will be a deciding factor as my son and I have set a budget for total build so every penny counts offer anything you feel I could use thanks in advance guys
  11. gary1mc

    New website and club

    This sounds like a really good idea Dave if it even inspires a few people to save rather than scrap it will be well worth the effort . I find nothing worse than people killing cars just because they want the newest Audi BMW German rubbish old school is the best school !
  12. gary1mc

    my new project ej8 d16y8

    Definitely worth it I've seen what I think will be the colour o a Range Rover of all things it's a deep metallic red looks real good in the light although that could all change by the time she's built it could end up canarie yellow