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    Accord - civic?

    I'm getting the whole car for £50 so nothing lost just to try really I can break it for a few hundred anyway I'll give it a go see what fits and report back what does and doesn't
  2. gary1mc

    Accord - civic?

    I was thinking possibly the hub assembly? I'm definitely taking the wheels same ones I had on my deck
  3. Guys I've got a chance of an accord 2.0 auto beast as a kind of donor but not too sure if any of the parts are interchangeable with the civic. Have any of you any info would be much appreciated
  4. That's one clean looking deck man sweet
  5. Probably be better building one myself just to be sure but if I'm building an engine it's not gonna be that setup was just thinking about time Vs cash with that but when in doubt do it yourself
  6. I've just came across a guy selling an engine with a b16 head on a b18 block has anyone ever had experience with this setup any pros/cons to look out for cause I think I'm buying it PS would s80 gearbox go with this setup and possibly a p28 ecu all to go in my ej8
  7. I have no patience for that kinda work I just give it to my painter
  8. Definitely worth it I've seen what I think will be the colour o a Range Rover of all things it's a deep metallic red looks real good in the light although that could all change by the time she's built it could end up canarie yellow
  9. Thanks for the info I was thinking along those lines but just wasn't 100% sure and yes for the coupe bud. As for your braces I'm interested leave it with me I'll see what funds I can raise I'll let you know asap cheers : )
  10. this could probably be the dumbest question I have ever asked but does ek eg mb/mc suspension brake parts fit ej chassis ?
  11. It will be a slow painstaking build as we are going to try and do every part second hand but obviously new with safety matters but everything else turbo setup interior bits brake upgrade suspension will all be used where practical the only real expense I foresee is the respray
  12. I was here for the sad passing of dawn the deck was and still is a fitting tribute it's great you still have her. Congrats on the upcoming wedding I'm glad you've found someone who can make happy!
  13. well I'm building again but a little different this time my 8 year old son wants to build a car with me so got a hold of a ratty old coupe it's a mess and needs totally redone lol I'll get some pics for your amusement . I've never done a d series before I'm thinking of turbo so advice on which way to go would be appreciated guys .
  14. Sold my aerodeck when I moved house about 5 years back so have been running a small van for work. But my son has been on at me to get something we can do together he's only 8 so I'll be doing it all lol so got a ej8 coupe with a d16y8so as it will be a long bigish build and Honda I thought why not share with you guys. BTW the site looks awesome Dave and the members cars look real good especially DD wow what a deck she is
  15. where's the other cars section gone the sites changed a lot I'm lost lol
  16. not been on for a while had a few health issues but all is good now just a few things been done while ive been away had to renew both front to rear brake pipes before they burst they were rotten then hit a pothole and the nsf ball joint SNAPPED not popped out it actually sheered in two and ripped the drive shaft out and also damaged the wing not happy is an under statement . i have fixed the mechanical but am waiting to get wing sorted when the council pay out
  17. This guy was a proper idiot But now she's back where she belongs and will get back to her former glory
  18. Will do chaps Still cant get those fixings though anyone any ideas?
  19. gary1mc

    Hondata P28

    I think you can mod existing harness but you can get a conversion harness on eBay for about £30
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