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  1. snakey135

    Few bits needed what you guys got?..

    Yes @Dave I managed to get one cheers buddy!
  2. snakey135

    Few bits needed what you guys got?..

    Yeah that’s what I want it for, to complete my double din install lol... I’ve got a guy on Facebook that claims he has the whole lot in one bundle so just waiting on photos from him. If his lot is no good I may take it off your hands, I’ll keep you posted
  3. snakey135

    Headlight bulb options...

    Yeah I guess that makes sense, about the distance being governed by the projector itself. Might even be due to the fact my HIDS are cheap Ebay buys, don’t want too spend big bucks on top HID bulbs and ballasts for them to not make a difference though. I guess it’s all about trying out different options, taking risks and seeing what works.
  4. snakey135

    Few bits needed what you guys got?..

    Yes mate... mines knackered and split half way around... don’t mean to be picky but what condition is it in buddy? what have you got now instead of the OEM?
  5. snakey135

    Few bits needed what you guys got?..

    Hi guys, just after some bits just to liven it up a bit really... ideally from the same person but let’s see who’s got what. aerial steering wheel head unit surround (black plastic with the pocket space at the bottom) front seat head rests thanks in advance guys!
  6. What lighting options out there are best, obviously to go in my projectors... currently got 6000 HID bulbs which the light output is good but light distance isn’t great... just wondered what routes others have gone down? And am I likely to get them any better or not?
  7. snakey135

    MB6 / MC2

    Nah it’s falling apart!
  8. snakey135

    Pressed plates?

    Ok mate I’ll have a little look, cheers bud
  9. snakey135

    Pressed plates?

    Any ideas guys... would rather try a site that has been tried and tested as they’re an Xmas gift for the mrs...
  10. snakey135

    Snakey's VTI Deck! --DECK REBORN!!--

    Going back to colour coded mirrors after having to replace my o/s glass...
  11. snakey135

    Pressed plates?

    Where’s best place for pressed plates guys? Don’t want to end up with poor quality ones... they’re for the mrs car
  12. snakey135

    Snakey's VTI Deck! --DECK REBORN!!--

    Ok, so as posted in the wrong thread... ... I’ll post them up here as well. first wash since back on the road, good few months of grime to deal with. Ignoring the bodywork it comes up alright...
  13. snakey135

    MB6 / MC2

    @dr_broon sounds perfect to me mate, I’m sure it can’t be any worse than mine but I’ll confirm one I see it pal ok
  14. snakey135

    MB6 / MC2

    Just realised all this chat is in the MB6/MC2 thread i started and not in my build thread!!