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  1. Can someone please tell me how? It's one thing that's not covered in the Haynes manual (which seems strange) Thanks
  2. aroncmc22

    Correct steering rack?

    Will this fit a v reg mb3? Mine is weeping a little from the passenger side end. Thanks http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252385891562
  3. aroncmc22

    nose bra

    Good analogy, except at least with the underwear no one really gets to see it
  4. aroncmc22

    nose bra

    They're stupid things imo, complete oxymoron of a thing. Ever seen the state of a bonnet underneath after one's been on for a while?
  5. aroncmc22

    Front door speaker spacer rings

    Still available, will pm you
  6. aroncmc22

    Speaker help needed please

    Rears are 5"! (: 20 quid down the pan as I've opened the box now
  7. aroncmc22

    Need speaker adapters for my MB3

    Have put up a post in the for sale section
  8. aroncmc22

    Front door speaker spacer rings

    A brand new set of 165mm spacer rings for the front doors, the ones you need if you want to put 6.5" speakers in. Purchased in error £15 including delivery
  9. aroncmc22

    Need speaker adapters for my MB3

    I have a Brand new set for sale, (bought two by mistake)
  10. aroncmc22

    Which engine oil

    Hi, I realise this may have been covered in the past or may be common knowledge for a lot of you guys but I am a little confused by it. I see two options with oil choice, 10/40w or 5/30w. Semi or fully synthetic? What does everyone use? Thanks
  11. aroncmc22

    Will an mb6 exhaust fit an mb3?

    Ah yes I see, not really worth the faffing around is it? Thanks for the speedy reply dude