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  1. That certainly would have helped and i appreciate it greatly. But i already did it lol Thanks for the help though.
  2. Hi, does anyone know which wire is the RPM signal wire behind the clocks? (MB6) Thanks.
  3. It wouldn’t surprise me. Their throttle body’s seem s**t. Mine has stuck several times also. And I go through a TPS every couple hundred miles which could potentially be down to the TB
  4. What issues you having mate? ive got the S2 70mm Alpha
  5. Yeah very. Yeah unless someone wanted to pay me 15k id have to break it aswell. Not yet though!
  6. Thats right yes, a lot has changed since then though!
  7. Had a change of setup on this now and is now as far as i can tell the most powerful MB in the world? Made 687bhp give or take. Happy with that now
  8. Cool, thanks. What stuff did you weigh that you took out? I'm about to strip mine out and i'm wondering how far i should go. trying to lose half a second on my 100-200kph time so im hoping i can possibly do almost 100kg?
  9. Any ideas on the amount of weight removed at all please?
  10. Ha good good! Na not at any shows, im not about that life mate. Mine was built to be used for 1 purpose only lol
  11. No hasn't been for sale mate! Mine i believe is the most powerful one in UK possibly the world? There aren't any outside of europe is there lol
  12. Love this, looks mint. Saw it on insta first. Im uk.mb6.turbo
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