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  1. Vtisgilman

    Honda prelude 2.2 conversion

    Did you ever do this? Was wondering myself why no one has done a h22 swap yet. If you do it like a h2b swap and get the adapter plate to mount the h22 to our MB gearbox surly that would make it easier. Just be a case of getting a new cambelt side engine mount and the wiring. Or am I missing out some overly complicated?
  2. Vtisgilman

    Lambda sensor

    Genuine honda would be ideal but expensive. Best thing is get on Htune or Tegiwa and get a Denso one, there supposed to be the best and cost about £70.
  3. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    Seats now sold. Still have wind deflectors and door cards for sale and a few other bits and bobs.
  4. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    They are still for sale.
  5. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    No mate iv still got them. The last guy wanted them but then never got back to me.
  6. Vtisgilman

    4x114 15" VTIS fanblades

    15" Fanblade alloys off my VTIS. 4x114 Pretty good condition, few kerb marks Wrapped in yokohama tyres, 2 are pretty good and 2 are worn. Iv not driven on these wheels for years so would be a good idea to change all 4. Collection from bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. Near Stansted airport. £150 ono
  7. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    No sorry I'm using the sparco wheel and boss. Iv got the standard vti-s wheel though.
  8. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    Yeah thats fine mate. Send me a text and I'll give you my address.
  9. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    I'm around at weekends. Or if your not coming to far any evening after 5 is ok aswell.
  10. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    Yeah that's fine mate. My number is a few posts back. Give me a ring to sort out a date. I'm away end of month on holiday 24th to the 1st so start of October is best unless you can manage a day before that.
  11. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    Cheers mate. Glad it was worth the drive, what time you get back in the end?
  12. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    If you leave me your two front seats I'll do £100 for them and like the last guy I'll help you swap them over if you want.
  13. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    I'll be free Sunday. Here's my number, give me a call and we can sort it out. 07936552096.
  14. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    Keep it same price if you take my sunroof and leave me yours. We can swap it out on my driveway if you like.
  15. Vtisgilman

    interior parts

    Ok mate. How does £75 sound. By the way to change the sunroof fabric panel you do have to remove the whole sunroof mechanism. It's an easy job though.