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  1. Vtisgilman

    Oil cooler install help

    KiNK43 when you fitted that sandwich plate did you have to get a smaller filter or did it clear the angled ports?
  2. Vtisgilman

    Oil cooler install help

    Glad to hear you sorted it mate. To be honest I never got round to fitting my cooler. I have all the parts waiting to go on but a gearbox rebuild and suspension restoration took priority. Iv still not decided how to install my plate yet. Iv found some hydrilic fittings that are very small with a tight elbow so they may fit where the normal fittings won't. That way I can use my mocal plate. That or I'm going to get the one KiNK43 recommend as that looks like a tidier install. I wouldn't risk the stacked plates on my car as it's a track car with solid engine mounts so it would need to withstand a lot of vibrations and stress. Iv also got my oil temp and pressure gauges plumbed in at separate locations so won't need to tap the plate for them. When I finally get round to doing it I'll let you know what I did.
  3. Vtisgilman

    Spilt head lights and mg zs spoiler

    When I removed mine the holes were quite small so just put rubber grommets in them. Looked a bit odd but knew the car would eventually be painted. Only way to get rid completely is weld them up and paint the boot. So don't fit it if your not 100% sure. In fact it might be cheaper to find a boot off a scrap car that didn't have a spoiler the same colour and swap them. Might cost 100 for a whole boot but 300 for welding and respray.
  4. Vtisgilman

    Roll Cage

    Yeah I have done that and got back some usefull information. Iv now got 5 places giving me quotes. Cheapest is 1800 and most are about 2000 plus VAT. Which is more what I was thinking. That's for a 6 point weld in cage that meets MSA regulations for racing. Apparently it cost about 7k to get a rollcage design FIA approved which is why there so expensive, gotta get back some of there costs I guess.
  5. Vtisgilman

    Polycarbonate windows

    My car doesn't have locks any more as it's a track only car and lives in the garage. I'm sure the lock pin could be put through a hole drilled in the top with ease. I have cut out all the metal inside skins so there is nothing to mount the handle on. So iv got a bit of wire going from the latch, out a hole in the foamex and screwed in place. Just give it a tug and door opens. Iv got no handle on the back door cos iv got no back seats but for the front doors iv got a fabric handle screwed to what's left of the metal frame and pulled through the foamex.
  6. Vtisgilman

    Spilt head lights and mg zs spoiler

    Personally I prefer the mb without a spoiler. Iv had 2 mb's and removed it off both of them. There just for show anyway, they don't produce downforce. And I like the clearer view out the back. One thing I can tell you is the mg zs 180 spoiler doesn't fit, not even close. Head light wise I don't know how you'd measure it without taking them apart. You might aswell strip it down if you want to measure it and while your there paint the chrome bit black. Looks loads better.
  7. Vtisgilman

    Polycarbonate windows

    They are made of 3mm thick foamex. Got it off eBay, was really cheap. Think a 8x4 sheet was about £35 and that's pleanty enough to do all four doors. They are fitted same as Windows, drill straight through it into the door and use self tapping screws and small washers. Bit that takes the longest is making a template out of cardboard. Foamex is good though, you can heat it up and bend it into shapes then when it cools it stays there. I cut the inside skin out of the door aswell for more weigh saving.
  8. Vtisgilman

    Roll Cage

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to have a roll Cage installed. I know a few people on here building track cars have had cages installed so where did you get it done and how much did it cost? I want it to be MSA and FIA approved so it can be used for racing. I have contacted Safety Devices for a quote and their FIA approved cage is coming in at 3k for supply and fitting which seems a bit steep to me. Any advice on places and how much it cost them would be much appreciated, especially from anyone in the motorsport community.
  9. Vtisgilman

    Polycarbonate windows

    I drilled through the polycarbonate and straight through the metal frame of the door. Once you remove the rubbers that hold the glass youl see a nice little flat lip that you stick the rubber tape to and drill into. I actually used self tapping stainless screws, not bolts but small bolts would work just as well. When I get a min I'll take a close up photo so you can see what I mean
  10. Vtisgilman

    Polycarbonate windows

    And here from the inside and the front with a slider.
  11. Vtisgilman

    Polycarbonate windows

    I got mine for my vtis from ACW Motorsport plastics. They are better quality than plastic4performance but half the price. You need to look up mg zs though. I wanted to remove the rear quarter glass in mine so he sent me a sheet of polycarbonate to make my own and bolted them in. Saves a lot of weight removing it and all the rubbers and framework that holds the glass. Here is a pic of how it looks. Ricky Evans Motorsport also do a heated front window screen for the mg zs that fits straight in if you really want to go mad.
  12. Vtisgilman

    MeisterR leaking

    Yeah I am pretty annoyed. It might be I'm just unlucky and you'll be fine. My car has lived outside all that time aswell, only recently got a big enough garage to keep it in. Although if you do find one leaking I'll buy the others off you
  13. Vtisgilman

    MeisterR leaking

    Yeah I set up the group buy for them and I think that's when you got yours so they will be exactly same age. They have probably done less than 8000 miles in that time, think that maybe the problem. With the car sat not being used for long periods of time I think the seals have probably dried out or something.