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  1. Ah ok that makes sense. I asume the standard pcv system copes ok running that sort of power with presumably more blow by gases being FI. Is it just the pcv valve that stops the block seeing boost pressure when on boost, then off boost it goes back to seeing vacuum? Sorry for the questions, I'm planning my build but there seems to be lots of different methods of doing it.
  2. Cars looking proper sweet, bet it's rapid. What did you do for positive crankcase ventilation? I can see you have a catch can but can't tell how you've plumbed it in. Did you keep the factory black box on the back of the block?
  3. Thanks mate. How do you find out for sure, is it written on the car or ecu somewhere?
  4. Vtisgilman

    Which OBD?

    Hi all. Iv got a 1999 mb4 with a d16W4. Any one know what OBD it is? Thanks
  5. Does it have to be fused? The battery is being mounted where the passenger seat used to be and will run straight to a battery isolation kill switch. Then through the fire wall. So wire length won't be very long. Is 40mm2 over kill or does it not hurt it to go bigger than needed? Also once through into the engine bay am I just connecting it straight to the wire that went on the positive battery post?
  6. Has anyone relocated their battery into the boot? If so how did you do it and what parts did you use? Thanks.
  7. The big day has come so she's been packed up and sent of to the work shop. It not far from my house so I can go there whenever I get time and help prepare the car. Spent the day there today, stripped out all the dash and moving things in the engine bay to make room. Next time I'm there I'll be carrying on removing all the wiring looms, once there out I can strip out all the redundant wires. Got a little list of parts building up I need to get while the cars there which can be fitted and other bits fabricated. The work shop is on an ex RAF base so took it for a rag down the runwa
  8. Thanks mate. Been a few weeks since I updated so here's the latest. Sump is back on and not leaking which is nice. Did a service while I was at it. Another little project.... This empty bottle was a handy shape so it went from this.. To this. Now it's my new washer bottle. 1.5 kg lighter than the massive bottle that came out. Not a lot of weight saving but every little helps, plus it's much smaller so has made some space for a pod filter and intercooler piping for the future. Oh yeah and the car looks like this now, can you guess why?
  9. Little up date. Sump has been leaking for a while and I had some baffled plates that have been sat in the cupboard for a few years so finally got round to sorting it out. Sump off and cleaned up. Got a new gasket and some Honda bond for re fitting. Baffles welded in. Just need to re paint the outside where the paint came off from the welding penetration. Won't bother painting in side as it will never get wet and is covered in oil anyway.
  10. I sold my last set of leathers for £100 so looking for about the same. The lot probably won't fit in the car with the rears folded down. Best to remove them completely. I normally offer to help fit parts for people that collect so we can do that while your here if you have the time to hang about. Depending on the car sometimes the rears need a different bracket fitted as they are different between lap belt and the 3 point belt. We might be able to fit the door cards if you wanna try. Hopefully just be a case of drilling a hole for the winder. As for your seats I dno what your best option for t
  11. Same here. My whole car has strong flex bushes
  12. I used to have a head liner re trimmed in black and the pillers flocked black to go with my black leathers and door cards. Looked well sexy. Sold them to a guy that made a five and a half hour journey from Manchester, got to do it for these rare parts.
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