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    Well, I'm from the West Yorkshire area, in the UK.

    Have owned my Civic MB2 which is a 1.4 sport for over 10 years, and still going strong, both me and the car.

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  1. Hi Guys, I have available 4 x Doors in Pirates Black. All 4 in very good condition. No rust on them and no serious damage maybe some hairline scratches which dont look bad at all. All 4 window regulators and glass will go with the doors. No Side Mirrors or tweeters rest of the doors are complete. Can post worldwide if u want to pay the price ? Many Thanks, AKY
  2. I would say the hardest part is be SUPER CAREFUL with the plastic thing as it can break if you cut it away too much, take your time with it. If you're close to West Yorkshire, you are welcome to come over and i can show u how its done you can also see how mine feels, mate its worth a million dollars is a short shifter, best thing i ever did to my MB2. A bit weird at first to use, but when u get the hang of it, its proper good. So the one i sent you will definitely work, just that when i bought mine 2 years ago it was a dual bend short shifter.
  3. Hi Mate, I've also got an MB2 and I have had a short shifter fitted, nothing to do with your gear linkage and its so simple its unreal, and the results are astounding. I bought one similar to the one in this link below, so go onto ebay.co.uk and copy this into the search box. CHROME SHORT QUICK SHIFT SHIFTER KIT fit HONDA CIVIC 1988-00 EG EF EK INTEGRA So it is as simple as going underneath the car unbolting the gear leaver from underneath the car, and once you pull it out from inside the car you will have a white plastic thing around the circle at the bottom of your standard gear lever which covers your ball. You need to slightly shave this to make it fit over your aftermarket one, and simply fit it back to the car. It couldnt be any easier than that. Let me know if you have any more questions. AKY
  4. No worries mate - here if you need them and im in Bradford. lol
  5. Hi mate, I've got some of these forks but they were off an MB2 so surely they should fit. AKY Bradford
  6. I have asked him you know, he is a very nice guy. He doesnt happent to have one unfortunately Im also after some panels, like doors, wings and wing mirrors if you know anyone selling any pirates black ideally ?
  7. Hi Guys, I've currently got Drums on the back of my MB2, im after a complete hub swap which come on the MB2 MB3 and MB4 and the 1.6 aerodecks. If you have one lying about, with the following stuff attached or not i will be interested, and can collect Rear Hub swap with arms Calipers Carriers Handbrake Cables Discs and pads not too fussed about. Thank you very much. AKY
  8. Hi Guys, Not sure if anyone on here can help ? My MB2 has drums on the back, i want the rear disc conversion if anyone has one lying around off the MB3 or MB4 ideally. Many Thanks, AKY
  9. Haha Dave, No way, i thought they were just Honda Wheels and ive seen a lot of standard Honda ones which look corroded. mine look pristine. but i bet the Honda ones aren't stamped Speedline SL1213 and my centre caps are speedline too lol Apparently so they are very rare :-) But i've seen lots of 17" 4x100 so not sure if they are that rare lol
  10. Sorry forgot to mention these are 4x100 16"
  11. Hi Guys, Yes very rare in 4x114.3... Heres mine in 4x100 but they are proper Speedline SL1213 and not the Honda ones. Regards, AKY
  12. Hahaha - Nice one I will wait until next year for my prize
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