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  1. I am just after some pictures of a rear arb set up or a link to one so I know what to look for when I get round to doing a rear arb setup on my Aerodeck. Many thanks!
  2. Funny that, been meaning to look into getting a rear arb for my Aerodeck VTi as I would like one. So, is it just the rear arms missing the mounting points then?
  3. Just asking if there is a common problem with water dripping onto the front seat belts? Sun roof is clear and not blocked (encase someone was to ask) and it only happens on the passenger side. I was originally thinking that it may have been the roof rails but on inspection there is no water running from the roof. Looking at how wet the belt gets I feel the car should be a few feet deep in water but it is not. The other annoying thing is underneath where the belt is bolted to the bottom of the car it is dry and no water is sitting so it is clearly running out of the car. And the carpet does not get saturated. It get a little wet but not very wet. Any advise greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  4. All the ones I've seen have been on the 2001 models so I was assuming it must have been a face lift/update thing. I have started to find that some MG ZSs also have a 3 point centre belt as well but it is now a case of finding a car being broken.
  5. Is there a rear seat that has a three point middle belt? I think I've seen one on a Google search but can anyone confirm? And would it fit into my 1999 model as I think these were put into the later models after 1999? Cheers.
  6. I really like the MTec discs. I've had them on several of my cars and I think they're excellent. Good solid brand.
  7. I run MTec discs all round and I'm planning on getting some performance pads. Both front calioers are showing signs of needing a refurb or replacing so the only other upgrade I can think of is braided lines. I want to use it for track every now and then. Maybe entering in time trial or whatever they call it XD
  8. Funny thing is, I started to find that DC2 brakes were more or less the same as the VTi the day after I posted this. I'm basically trying to find a budget based bolt on upgrade for my car where I can still use the standard wheels. Been fantasising over Honeds Porsche kit but that is a little outside of my budget and it is not guaranteed to fit my standard wheels.
  9. Just looking for what I need to do an Integra brake upgrade on my VTi. I want to keep the standard wheels and PCD. Need to know disc size and any other information that I may need. Cheers.
  10. I will defiantly look into getting one one day. At the moment I just have a KnN filter which came with the car and a cold air feed. The only problem I am finding is finding one that does not have JDM tax slapped onto it XD
  11. As the title suggests. Anyone changed the standard VTi airbox with a DC2 Type R and is it worth it? Cheers.
  12. Looking for poly steering rack bushes for my VTi. Do DC2/EG ones fit or others? Cheers.
  13. I have seen them in the classifieds. Got any pics of how the car was sat on them?
  14. I would LOVE Meister coilovers but I can't justify the spend (what I really mean is a can't persuade the wife...). I assume the same would be for EK and DC coilover on the rear of a Aerodeck aswell? Not long enough.
  15. As far as I can tell they may be longer. If that is deffinatly the case I'll get EK or EG suspension and have a spacer made. Similar to what 4x4 people do to get cheap ground clearance.
  16. I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me on something. I bought some cheep Maxpeeding Rod coilovers for my Wagon due needing new shocks. After doing a little research I got a set meant for a EG thinking they would be the right ones but it turned out that they were too short in the rear so I maxed out their length and just dealt with them. Unsurprisingly, they have now started to leak in the rear. Thing is, I want to replace them with a more sport type shock and spring package instead of a coilover thinking this would be a cheaper option but I can't find anything cheapish and readily available. I've tried looking for MG shocks but I can't find any that guarantee me a stiffer setup and trying to find lowering springs on Fleebay is a bit muddling as they say they are meant for an Aerodeck but don't list them in their info ("These fir your car" scenario). I've also had the same with websites other than Fleebay i regards to finding definitive information. Are Aerodeck shocks different or did I read something wrong and EG coilover are shorter than other models of Civic? I use to own a MK3 Golf estate and rear shocks were completely different to their hatchback versions in length and build so is this the same-ish for Aerodecks?
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