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well I'm building again but a little different this time my 8 year old son wants to build a car with me so got a hold of a ratty old coupe it's a mess and needs totally redone lol I'll get some pics for your amusement .

I've never done a d series before I'm thinking of turbo so advice on which way to go would be appreciated guys .


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It will be a slow painstaking build as we are going to try and do every part second hand but obviously new with safety matters but everything else turbo setup interior bits brake upgrade suspension will all be used where practical the only real expense I foresee is the respray 

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22 hours ago, Dave said:

Yeah, the respray is big bucks on its own, but is always worth it

Definitely worth it I've seen what I think will be the colour o a Range Rover of all things it's a deep metallic red looks real good in the light although that could all change by the time she's built it could end up canarie yellow :lol:

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