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My new german


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Clean little car with a few bits done already 

Full ram air induction 

Airtec stage 2 intercooler 

All pipes changed in bay 

Decat and 3in custom exhaust 

And mapped to 292bhp 

The noise this wee car makes is unreal lol 

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1 minute ago, burbleboy said:

I have a slight vibration at 80mph. Been checked over and nothing obvious. I suspect front top mounts worn! 


Nice car, they sound epic!  :) 

My vibration was under 30 and sounded like someone trying to break thro the armrest lol

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5 hours ago, dogg1210 said:

Cheers guys never had a wee st so happy with it just now only thing p**sing me off is bloody boost pod isn't lighting up when lights on lol

It'll be just a wee bulb..............that will probs be an absolute pig to get to! lol rlol.gif1


Shock seeing the Beemer go, but didn't realize just how long you'd had it mate. Where the hell does time go?! Always liked that style of Focus (same as Gayle had although hers was just a diesel) and they look awesome in white. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this!

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Cheers dave and not be doing much to this as happy how it is might change springs to eibach or h&r as not sure what springs are on it but a little to stiff. 

Sorted tge light issue my friend has a st and by chance had a spare light motor so swaped it out in about 20secs lol and boom we have cabin lights lol

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