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Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi, so here's the time for the big reveal!


I decided to have my car wrapped in a glossy metallic blue/purple colorflip vinyl!

Last week after tearing her down, I brought the car in, and the specialist got to work!




a week later the car was finished and we were out to pick it up again





time to put everything back together!





The "I'm never going to financially recover from this." face :D


then rushed the car back home to continue putting everything back




there's still some stuff to do and minor issues with the wrap that have to be fixed. but overall it looks super nice and this is the exact colour I wanted to go for so yay!


Im having some professional photographs taken soon, can't wait to share those with you when they are done!

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23 hours ago, KiNK43 said:

Looks incredible can't get my head round how they wrap bumpers etc. 



They use inlays, basically they cut smaller pieces of vinyl and wrap those in the more cramped corners and such.

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went for pictures yesterday!!




there's more to check out on my instagram page, (aerokek) since Civic5 won't let my upload any pictures that are greater than 4.4 something MB, I hope you guys enjoy this picture though. wish you could all see it in the flesh, cause it looks even better up close and personal :)

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