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  1. Its worked out perfect then as it looks like a cheapo pleather
  2. Well got the 12v socket back in and a docking port for my phone and to run android auto , put a couple small leds in aswell Pretty chuffed as it really finishes off big daves double din project nicely
  3. Mickg

    Cat o2 sensor 1.6

    Anyone breaking and have one kicking around ?
  4. Idealy id like the shape to fill the triangle aswell but will see how it goes with limited tools and patience will have a lid and maybe a front dont know yet , it will be plumbed into the stock coldair feeds and possibly use the grill gap thats blanked off above aircon condensor
  5. Weathers pants and wifes working so cant disappear into my shed for hours , so nipped out for 20 mins and got a wee trial template made up , still to be tweaked here and there but you get th gist ........ yes another job started without finishing the others
  6. Yeah mines was locked up in my shed , paranoid now its on
  7. Next job on the list when i finish the list im currently working on lol is i have a large sheet of aluminium and some aluminium angle to make an airbox to go around the cone filter using the factory feed pipes and make another feed. Theres a flap above the aircon condensor thats two wee clips to remove and gives a perfect additional cold feed location, keep thoes temps down but the noise up. Really need to get that rocker cover of for a refurb (done my crv b20 a while back in wrinkle red and it came out fantastic) but with a run of super bad luck the last year or so has me convinced one (at least) of the bots/studs will shear and ut will leak after lol , really wants doing in black wrinkle then shave and polish the lettering. Maybe get over the fear and get it done.
  8. Wee bit of maintenance, new plugs, new fuel filter, new blue ht leads Forgot a piccy but the front black rusty brackets are now matching blue of battery tie down and strut brace , started replacing every bolt that i remove with a new stainless replacement. Finally getting back to attemping finishing daves mod, since the ashtray and 12v socket is gone and heater controls are moved down you can get your finger up into heater controls and out the back of the bottom tray so strted making an insert to turn it back into a sealed cubby hole. Plan is to keep working on it so i can reinstate the 12v socket for my heated seat cover (im old and broken so need small comforts like that lol) and make a small shelf where my phone can slide in to a fixed charging dock. The dock will be plugged into one of the head units usb ports for android auto but without trailing wires ......... i hate trailing wires. Trying to find a set of doorcards the same as what i currently have (dont have fabric on them its like a fake leatherish hard plastic affair in black) and im going to mold some cup holders in to the door pockets. Should say try and do that, thats why im not going to hack up my origionals On another note i think i got a bargain £100 for both side complete suspension set up including calipers all complete could basically just bolted on as bushes in better nick than mines but plan is strip, clean up, refurb with poly bushes and new bearings ect then have em swapped over. Best bit was when i was collecting the fella had a titan silver bonnet and front bumper that was being binned (all complete with trims washers ect as he put a rover front end on a good deck and had another that was for parts so was gutted i missed out on the wings as someone else nabbed them) Safe to say i went back as the fella said i could have em free of charge Was pretty gutted as he was telling me he other deck he used for some parts was scrapped with full interior and all its glass and lights ect ........ i almost shed a tear as i would have paid him to strip it and took everything i could over multiple trips But will just need to keep an eye open as you never know what will pop up ....... me and the fella are now friends He breaks rovers so when he gets 400s 45s and zs's in i will scavange what i can
  9. Anyone wanting one i know of a lead , fella wants £150 if anyones looking
  10. When you have her in bits take your scuttle off and have a propper dig around the bonnet hinges , you might find the seam sealer isnt attached anymore so good time for preventative treatment as they rust there realy bad. Mine looked great still had paint and sealer just dirty but once digging it was very rusty, still solid so cought in nick of time. Had the screen changed and fella said much the same as under the screen edges was rust free thank good ness (check out jurassicgarage on youtube fell shows you whats left which isnt alot on his vti-s deck) Whip your skirts off and check the rear jacking point area under the plastic , not great there for the good old tin worm lol Check rear wheel well for water ....... think they left the factory letting water in lol if it is give us a shout as there are a few good bits where they leak and think i had to do them all which wasnt fun The main man big dave noticed there is seam sealer where the floor meets the bottom of the firewall and like all the other seam sealer they are starting to fail and getting rusty there , mine was just starting to come away so big thanks to dave for the heads up on that (dave is an absolute fountain of knowledge and a realy nice chap)
  11. These are set maybe 2/3 from top on the rear and 1/4 from top on front Took a 3 seater couch (chopped up and i have a boot sound system) in the rear to the tip and speed bumps werent an issue
  12. Love it cant wait to see progression Coilovers ...... £300 ebay specials pppfffttttttt Prosport lzt are great lovely ride can go stupid low or practical height and the dampers are adjustable........ sub £200 these get glowing reviews and seem to be the go too with people buying them fresh when they get another deck Mine have been on my car a year and a half (previous owner fitted) and they arent hanging with rust , the springs clean up like new So after all that waffling yeah prosports
  13. A wee addition today as the origion was hanging on it there by hopes an dreams lol was beautiful shiney mirror stainless .......... 10 mins its blued already Sounds pretty epic combined with the big mouth intake, people say you cant hear ď16 crossover but i can hear mine pretty darn loud
  14. Well that plans out the window , got sick of tripping over and moving them around so just stuck them on
  15. Free free free Set of vtec sohc external stickers Anyone wanting them ? Will post them out to you f.o.c
  16. It was very intensive trying to get one , seem pretty hard to get now Really wish i had the know how and funds to make molds of the rear valance and rear spoier to reproduce them Definitely something im going yo look into over the winter even if the rear valance is done in 3 sections the side and middle and just bond it all together maybe
  17. No real update but i managed to find another piece of the puzzle and i beleive is now almost on par with rocking horse poop lol The paint job is shocking lots of flaking but even more shocking was when these were not in demand and vti-s were being stripped someone bought this and used a grinder to make it suit a twin tail system. Even worse tho the grinder must have had a big blade as it had went right threw. So a big missing bit underneath and the top big cuts litteraly screwed together with a bit that was cut out from underside and a load of fibre glass. Made a start in salvaging it
  18. Yeah fingers crossed, touch wood and all all that stiff thats that not coming back anytime soon. Now at the point where i would feel comfortable saying im a master at stripping the rear trim out
  19. Look very similar the 4 door ek sedan outer lights which are available in aftermarket clear lenses
  20. Looks like some amazing engineering going on in there
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