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  1. Honestly it's almost like they were ment to be in a civic, they hold you so well and at £80 for a mint condition set I recon it's a bit of a find. There was a set I hummed and hawed at and missed out for £60 so definitely a bargain seat without the big name tax. Bizarrely they have made the rear like a limo with the extra space
  2. Working on this but I'd fighting me every step of the way i only have a arc welder and the metal is way too thin but I'm going to persevere tho will have a lot of warping to try bodywork out lol I think the bolt on version looks good but I'm trying to make it look OEM without the overhanging sides and just using the one original plastic light and surround trim. Seen a few folks make drag type wings which look awesome so this if I don't loose the rag and Chuck it in the field (been very tempted) will be an in-between. Tho being totally honest it may end up in the bin
  3. Dang it lol also done my headlights in black mask layout and removed the orange insert,using silver bulbs that flash orange
  4. Not been on here for ages so dropping in for a wee update , finally a comparable civic appeared at the local scrappies. (Also took the steering rack as they also has a ep3 wheel incase anyone really wants to do the swap) Chopped the pipe from the joining flange to the weld at the back box, this was then welded to the cheapy magnaflow coupe back box. Sounds very saucey lol Can't remember if I posted before but now has a stainless 4-2-1 as the original down pipes flanges were ready to give up , also the centre section needed doing so I just got a STD section as really cheap new. Also got an eg upper rear strut brace and a mgzs lower ARB with both now fitted. Since the cat was looking very crispy being 22 years old I decide to get a universal sports cat at 400 cell and welded on flanges to match so it's an easy bolt of bolt on job. Wow the exhaust is very spicy now lol so much so I now run it with a dB killer insert and it still sounds like an aftermarket exhaust but at a reasonable dB level. Also picked up a dc2 airbox,filter and cold airfeed to the wheel arch. Got lucky and got a k&n filter and a tegiwa connecting pipe. Modified the cold air feed to fit the MC (don't have a current pic) and got a 90mm to cover the original hole in the engine bay so it's drawing in purely wheel arch cold air. Unfortunately for me it means the very loud induction noise is gone but the kids prefer it saying they don't get a headache any more lol also made a cold air intake from the front bumper that fits stealthy into the front bumper bump strip, this feeds a shower extractor fan eves outlet to point the cold air downwards so no wetness is aimed at the inlet (also integrated a mesh to stop larger objects flying in lol) Whilst in there gave the rocker cover a fresh coat of paint and went for wrinkle black then cut back the honda logo to be bare metal again. Also fitted some pwjdm rocker cover bolts ( don't have an up-to-date pic just now ) and done the wheels AUDI Daytona grey. Ehhhh yeah last one I think is picked up a couple bug eye WRX seats and kept the Subaru rails and made up and welded on some brackets and stuck them in the car. What a difference they have made to stop you sliding around the seats so much. You don't notice it so much being an adult but the youngest uses a booster base seat thing and she used to slide around something awfully but now she sits tight. Also added bonus it has made the rear way roomier with much more leg room for folks in the back.
  5. Yeah left all the origional ducting ect just remade the airbox for the induction kit , i have since modified it again and cut open an intake on the airbox behind the headlight as theres a good source of cold air ........... and it will no longer be a pita to change the headlight bulb lol Also the simota chinese or Philippines airfilter has gone and theres a ramair filter on there. Had a blimming nightmare with coilovers were adjusted as sick of scraping the exhaust over speed bumps and when the snow hits i dont want to use the front splitter as a plough. First three adjusted pretty smoothly with some persuasion, the last one was stuck solid and i mean solid so much so the adjuster ring lost around 1/2" to 3/4" of metal trying to persuade it to move. Tho prosports customer service was brilliant (out of warranty by a few months) the overnighted me a single replacement at trade price. So xmas eve for me was a rear end strut replacement which was fun
  6. Merry xmas and a happy newyear for when it comes
  7. Thanks bud Not its in it looks out off proportion but due to large filter, location of factory cold air feeds ect dictated dimensions unfortunately The sides and bottom are covered an adhesive heat reflective fiber glass so will be staying silver, the top howeveri can ay around with with color changes and what not Did think about trying to find a diagram with list of factory specs and have it made into a vinyl decal something like that or just a satin black
  8. Cheers bud still to be rivited for strength then a layer of heat reflective silver fiber coating. The bottom holes to be cut to accept the factory cold air feeds but Hopefully get it finished and in tomorrow
  9. Got a start on the heat shield for the induction kit , try make it a cold air intake Still to be reinforced and the holes added for the bottom for the factory inlets then add a removable lid and insulation for the exterior
  10. All i need is a go fund me to buy a plot of land so i can start collecting and be the breaker hook up this end
  11. Yeah not sure what model but fella said mg , only paid £40 delivered so pretty happy at that . Wish i was more central in the uk as everything is + postage which is rather annoying as fancy a set of front door cards, couple spare wings and headlights but postage marks up most prices by quite a margin
  12. Oooooh the postie arrived today with a wee rusty prezzy lol
  13. Yeah the wee shelf phone slides in and theres a socket in the back , as soon as i click it in android auto starts on the head unit Its to big each direction so when i change phone any should fit , just going to get black packing sponge to fill the sides to make it snug
  14. Wee bit of a rocker refresh , still to shave and poilish the honda text
  15. Its worked out perfect then as it looks like a cheapo pleather
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